The Celtic Tiger

11 things that could have only happened during the Celtic Tiger
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What are your financial plans? Unfortunately, we still believe in that nonsense. In landlocked counties such as this and neighbouring Longford, residents scoff at suggestions of a new Celtic Tiger. Hardware shop owner and local councillor Michael Mulligan says: Economists insist, however, that the Irish recovery is now broader and deeper than just Dublin. Ireland is creating about 1, new jobs a week, three-quarters of them outside the capital. Credit growth in Ireland is still quite muted. What we are seeing is job gains, plus some income growth and low inflation.

14 things you won't believe Irish people did during the Celtic Tiger

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See the copyright statement for details. The economy was adversely affected by a large reduction in investment in the worldwide information technology IT industry. The industry had over-expanded in the late s, and its stock market equity declined sharply. Ireland was a major player in the IT industry: Foot and mouth disease and the 11 September attacks damaged Ireland's tourism and agricultural sectors [ dubious — discuss ] , deterring U. Several companies moved operations to Eastern Europe and the People's Republic of China because of a rise in Irish wage costs, insurance premiums, and a general reduction in Ireland's economic competitiveness.

At the same time, economies globally experienced a slowdown. The US economy grew only 0. The EU scarcely grew throughout the whole of , and many members' governments notably in Germany and France lost control of public finances , causing large deficits that broke the terms of the EMU Stability and Growth Pact. The economic downturn in Ireland was not a recession but a slowdown in the rate of economic expansion. Signs of a recovery became evident in late , as US investment levels increased once again.

Many senior economists have heavily criticised [48] the government for the economic imbalance in favour of the construction industry, and the prospect of sustaining economic growth in the future. After the slowdown in and , Irish economic growth began to accelerate again in late and The pace of expansion in lending to households from was among the highest in the euro area [51]. In , there was a surge in Foreign Direct Investment [52] and a net increase of 3, in IDA supported jobs, with International and Financial Services having the highest growth rate. Some Economists, Civil Rights Activists and Social Commentators have said that the growth throughout this period was merely due to a great increase in property values , and to catch-up growth in employment in the construction sector.

There had been a renewed investment by multinational firms.

Intel had resumed its Irish expansion, Google created an office in Dublin , [54] Abbott Laboratories was building a new Irish facility, [55] and Bell Labs planned to open a future facility. The return of the boom in was claimed to be primarily the result of the large construction sector's catching up with the demand caused by the first boom. A number of sources, including The Economist , [60] warned of excessive Irish property values.

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Rising wages, inflation, and excessive public spending [63] led to a loss of competitiveness in the Irish economy. Low-paid sectors, such as retail and hospitality, remained below the EU average, however. The pressures primarily affect unskilled, semi-skilled, and manufacturing jobs.

Brexit-fuelled boom gives Dublin’s Celtic Tiger a reason to roar

Outsourcing of professional jobs also increased, with Poland in gaining several hundred former Irish jobs from the accountancy divisions of Philips and Dell. One of the major challenges facing Ireland is the successful promotion of indigenous industry. The government has charged Enterprise Ireland [27] with the task of boosting Ireland's indigenous industry and launched a website [65] in with the objective of streamlining and marketing the process of starting a business in Ireland.

As gas, peat, and hydroelectric power have been almost fully exploited in Ireland, there is a continuously increasing need for imported fossil fuels at a time of increasing concerns about security of supply and global warming. One solution is to develop alternative energy sources, including wind power and, to a lesser extent, wave power. Wind,however, is not a panacea [67] as it needs to have conventional plants to augment it. An offshore wind farm is currently [ when? A report [68] by Sustainable Energy Ireland indicated that if wind power were properly developed, Ireland could [ citation needed ] one day be exporting excess wind power if the natural difficulties of integrating wind power into the national grid are solved.


Wind power by November already accounted for Ireland's new wealth is unevenly distributed. He cites Eurostat figures which indicate that Ireland is just above average in terms equality by one type of measurement. Moreover, Ireland's inequality persists by other measurements. According to an ESRI report published in December , Ireland's child poverty level ranks 22nd out of the 26 richest countries, and it is the 2nd most unequal country in Europe.

This would be the first time since It also predicted a recovery in and In September , Ireland became the first eurozone country to officially enter recession. The recession was confirmed by figures from the Central Statistics Office showing the bursting of the property bubble and a collapse in consumer spending that terminated the boom that was the Celtic Tiger.

That was the second successive quarter of negative economic growth, which is the definition of a recession. In a November interview in Hot Press , in a grim assessment of where Ireland stood, then Taoiseach Brian Cowen said many people still did not realise how badly shaken the public finances were. Former Taoiseach Garret FitzGerald blamed Ireland's dire economic state in on a series of "calamitous" government policy errors.

We all partied…

A second problem occurred when government policies allowed, or even encouraged, a housing bubble to develop, "on an immense scale". In , the unemployment rate was at Taking the money meant accepting austerity: The government has cut expenditure by 15 percent over three years, consumer spending has dropped for six straight quarters, and young Irish by the thousands have emigrated to Australia and elsewhere.

In mid the ratings agency Moody's proceeded to downgrade Ireland's government bond ratings to junk. The Celtic Tiger had more than just an economic impact, impacting also Ireland's social backdrop. The economic boom led to lower levels of emigration and higher immigration than had been historically been the case, and the government at the time did acknowledge that placed a strain on some public services and Ireland's approach to integration. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the Irish dance show, see Celtic Tiger Live.

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