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Four Bible Women Jesus Loved
Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Prayer Through Eyes of Women of the Bible file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with Prayer Through Eyes of Women of the Bible book. Happy reading Prayer Through Eyes of Women of the Bible Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF Prayer Through Eyes of Women of the Bible at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF Prayer Through Eyes of Women of the Bible Pocket Guide. This woman of ill-repute asked Jesus where to go to church. We often do the same when we become Christians. We receive the free gift of salvation and self-righteous pride causes us to leave grace behind and create a works system to earn favor with God. We baptize people and then teach them to be Pharisees and legalists. We give them just enough truth to make them miserable.

The woman at the well tried to impress this Rabbi with her church attendance. But Jesus told her worship was not about measuring up, it was about receiving. It was about relationship.


Her life was a series of broken affairs. Now Christ went to the core of her heart of hearts and dealt with the grief and despair she felt over lost love. He saw her, warts and all, and offered her unconditional, sloppy, gorgeous grace. He gave her life-giving acceptance that filled the empty places where pain used to be. You may, as a woman, struggle with rejection issues, with the constant fear that if someone really knew you, you would be hated and avoided.

Some of you ladies are living in pain because Jesus seems far away. He feels like a Cosmic force disinterested in your tiny life. Maybe he beat you when he was drunk. You pray and feel like your words bounce off the ceiling. This anonymous woman suffered with a twelve-year hemorrhage. What was her illness?? Fibroid tumors, endocrine gland disturbance, a polyp, or tear in the cervix? Today she could probably be cured with a ten-minute DNC. She was exhausted from constant cleaningeverything she touched, everywhere she sat was contaminated. If others touched her, they were considered unclean until sundown.

Jewish women were ceremonially impure during their menstrual cycle. The basic Jewish interpretation of the law was that a woman was pure when she was pregnant, and her only value lay in bearing children. Our poor victim was tired of quack doctors and their foul remedies. Bleeding was treated by garden crocuses dissolved in wine, by sawdust from a lotus tree mixed with the curdled milk of a hare or ashes from an ostrich egg worn around the neck in a linen bag.

If you are chronically ill, were your hopes ever dashed when you visited a new specialist only to find nothing really helped? Where is this God who is supposed to care? This despised woman could not even go into the temple to ask God to heal her. Demons were called unclean spirits.

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You can imagine what folks whispered about her behind her back! This pitiful creature made the arduous two-day journey-thirty miles on foot from Caeserea to Capernaum-without Nikes. She was cold, anemic, probably half-starved. But she courageously came for the cure. She was desperate for a touch from this Galilean prophet. Trying to reach Jesus in a crowd pressing around him to the point of suffocation was probably like trying to get an audience with the President surrounded by the press and secret service.

Somehow this God who had looked away for twelve years, this God who lived among men, this miraculous Messiah took time to touch her, and she would never be the same. The real God is not afraid to touch the untouchable, or love the unlovable. Mary of Bethany did the unthinkable. In a day when women were never able to attend synagogue, when they were prevented from going into the Temple except the outer courts, Mary sat at the feet of Rabbi Jesus. Men were the thinkers, capable of being educated. Jesus broke down these barriers by teaching and treating men and women equally.

Prayer For Eyes - Healing Prayer For Your Eyes

He never patronized Mary, but taught her as an equal with Peter, James and John. He allowed her to sit at His feet. Martha, her busybody sister, was furious. They served the men. Females had no business expressing interest in spiritual matters. Jesus rebuked Martha, told her to get out of the kitchen and join her sister. He encouraged her to do the better thing--to be like Mary, sitting at his feet and hearing His heart. How close were Jesus and Mary? Lazarus was dead and her Savior could have been there. He healed everybody else.

She took all of her anger, all of her questions, all of her pain and mourned before Him. And what did her Lord do? He wept with her. He knew He would raise Lazarus from the dead. In those moments, Christ truly showed us His heart. He is a God who weeps with us. Only Mary knew what Jesus came to do. It was a daring, unconventional thing to doa million-dollar pedicure in public for this itinerant preacher.

He went to my office to ask me to sign the divorce papers; he was involved with a woman from my church. He took everything from me. I have struggled financially and asked God why so many times. I worked 2 jobs, many, many days from 7: Every minute I asked God why, why me? Not knowing or remembering why my dad choose that name for me. Dear Abigail, I said a prayer for a miracle and financial miracle.

I am Abigail too. I am married to a Nabel as well. Well, without the wealth. Every day is a hardship.

1. Shiphrah & 2. Puah

Denise on May 15, at 2: How can we practically guard our eyes? My own Prince David. In Exodus 1 we read that the midwives feared God and did not do what the King commanded them to do. Prayer is one of the ways that God changes our eyes from being dark to light. Did she feel trapped? The Woman of Noble Character Proverbs

Some days are a little better. Let me try to describe my husband. I would say 6 days of the week, he is angry and hates everyone. He blames everything on me. Repeats daily of records of wrong about me. Nags about negativity of everyone including me and our children. Calls me bad horrible names.

Has never gone out as a family this includes camping, trips, visiting friends and family, shopping, etc. Just me and our three children. I can go on forever. I feel like I am a single mom with four children. Therefore, this makes me feel alone. Worst yet, I am the only provider with one income. Therefore, everything I do I have to make right choices or there be no food on the table and no roof over your heads.

Often times, If I would wished that.. I wondered how that feels. I wanted love, security, and protection. About 2 years ago, I discovered that only God can fulfill those. Then my eyes were open and I understood and experienced that God is my Father and my Husband. God is sooo wonderful to me. Through all this, God has been providing and blessing me and my family. The pain that I am in, God has made my strong, His grace is sufficient enough for me. I have learned to be content with what I have and what I was going through.

I began to thank God that husband is my throne … I am soo thankful and honor because this makes me long, thirst, and desire more of my God. Through my struggles, my God is my husband and my father. I wait and rely on Him alone for my expectation comes from Him, not my husband. I know that all my pain and trials are opportunities for maturity in Christ. So I daily rejoice and allow God to execute His miracles through my difficulties. I know that God has chosen me to be his wife because He knew that I am the only perfect and capable women on this plant to be his wife.

So I consider this as privilege and an honor that God has trusted me. I will not disappoint God. I will not give up. I will not retreat. The spirit who lives in me is much greater than the spirit of this world. Now this is worth living for. I want and desire my life to be a living love letter so all can see and read my life.

I am living in victory and I am running to finish my race so I will receive my crown in heaven. I too am an Abigail.

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I have been married for 21 years to my Nabal. He is a Christian man whose faith is very weak except when it comes to making money. God has used me to endure attacks from him because I was helping him to stay out of jail. He was using the men in the ministry to try and start something illegal in our ministry, which we now longer have, but God gave me the courage to face the enemy and tell the men not to do it.

This happened on several occasions. I love my husband and God told me if I left him it would destroy him. I was sceptical, wondering if I had really heard the Lord. But as I was sharing with a close friend of mine what I was going through, she told me the exact same thing. This happened within a few minutes, and I was blown away. I wait with that peace that surpasses all understanding for God to have his way in my marriage.

My husband is in a bad way. Physically, his body is breaking down and he is doing horrible things that truly goes against God. I am afraid for him. Pray for me because God has been revealing some things to me that are making me a little nervous in a good way but totally different way. Enjoying life to the fullest. I am so glad he blessed me to find this website. God bless all you wonderful sisters of mine. My Abigail was born in , 16, For sure she brought happiness into our marriage.

Even has the money and fame, but leaves me broke home alone with our boys etc…it goes on and on for 16 years now.. Even found out his health is not good can have a massive heart attack or stroke if he dosent take care of himself.. I do pray and would love to have other women pray in aggreement with me that God will remove this Nabel out of my life and give me my King David..

I constantly ask for wisdom and understanding about things. I ask God for his help and allowing me to see both sides. I pray for peace and healing for my family. And that God will allow me the courage to let go of someone that has pushed us all out. I have been married ten years to a wealthy Nabal. I have everything I could possibly ever want, beautiful children, a great and satisfying career, but no peace, because my husband is simply a boor.

I am praying for my David to come, and I believe he will come. What a great article — Abigail is one of my favourite women of the Bible and I have studied it many times but your article gave me new insight into her biblical submission, which I had never before considered, thank you. Thank you for this excellent commentary on Abigail.

I look back and realize that if I had had more children, I might have had a child who ended up being like its father. God always knows best. My confirmation proverb is Isaiah Nothing in this world surpasses the knowledge that you are His child and that nothing and no one can separate you from His love. I have made you and will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.

Through His Eyes: God’s Perspective on Women in the Bible

Are you in India now? Thank you for your kind answer. Over the last year, I stayed in France but sent money and prayed much with her and the kids over the phone. Over this year she managed to be in a location not to be found with the family and husband. The situation was still challenging because a woman alone and on top of that extremely zealed for the Lord face all kinds of attacks in India but she and the kids always came out victorious. Until someone gave her cousins her location and everything went bad to worse. Electrocuted in police station, starved and with no water first 3 days and then 5 days, clinically dead twice, social authorities attacking her, police tapping her phone ….

Francois, Have you ever met this woman in real life? Have you been to India? What part of India does she live in? I have a few friends there. Perhaps they can offer help. Unfortunately the most dangerous people are her husband and cousins who are supposed to be christians and have an extremely deep network in the christian areas so it is very dangerous ground to contact christian in that area. This is actually because of a christian we asked for help that her location got found. The Lord is powerful there but the spirit of antichrist within the church is also at the highest level I have ever encountered.

She lives in the new state of Telangana in the south east of India at about km from Hyderabad. She is not willing to meet any indian people anymore, she is too scared. If your contacts are indian locals, I am almost sure she will decline your offer. She has stopped to fight in a human way, she just gave her fate to God, I had her on the phone today, she has never been so sad. Marg, I sincerely love you together with Abigail for your intensive and prolonged study. You are very beautiful for you are inspired by beautiful ideas. Im a young professional here. I was looking for a story about abigail.

Thanks for this post. We named our daughter Abigail Ruth, after two of my favorite Bible women. She is living up to her name. Your exposition is one of the best that I have read. Wonder why so many well known Pastors never touch on this topic. Wives must submit to their husband in the Lord. If husbands do not make wise decisions we as wives should definitely advise them.

I am sure God wants us to be happily married. God does want us to be happy in marriage. On top of that, gotta pay the mortgage, pay bills, put food on the table, and so on…. Every day I prayed for protection and security. Prayer is my only survival and hope. My Father promised me that He will provide for me. So this is what I daily lived on. I was in total shock! As soon as I got in my car, tears slowly drip down my checks. I tried so hard to hold it but tears continued to pour out. Then I burst out crying!

I sobbed and sobbed pouring my soul to my Father. How am I going to meet ends need? I have no one to help me? What am I gonna do? What was a huge mistake! No comfort at all… More like a sword pierce my heart instead. After I hung up the phone with my husband, I cried even louder. But instead His words killed me and left me feeling abandoned, alone and isolated.


Prayer Through the Eyes of Women of the Bible [Ann Spangler, Jean Syswerda] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Every day, life brings. Consider these ten women in the Bible who were bold and faithful in their Spirit- led interventions As she continued praying before the Lord, Eli observed her mouth. And she said, “Let your servant find favor in your eyes.

I wanted to run far away and never come back to this difficult and miserable life of mine. As I began to believe in those lies, I noticed negatived and bad thoughts began to escalate in my mind. I began to feel hurt, lonesome,anger, and other bad thoughts began to live in my heart. At this very moment I knew I was under attack! I knew if I bathe in those thoughts, destruction will be my destiny. So I forced my body into subjection to the Word of God 1 Corinthians 9: I poured my heavy and weary heart to God. I cried out and expressed my sorrowful soul to my God.

I knew that only HE can restored my soul. I was completely healed, restored and transformed. How did you become so happy so quickly? I chose to live by faith. Thanks for sharing this Chamee. D family of Amoo saumel named the daughter abigeal today, what a wonderful name and wonderful character she emulated. A second thought is that someone sat down and properly listened to this woman. Maybe a man, or a woman who was sufficiently influential to make sure this was recorded for posterity. We should be hearing more about her!

And, as you can tell by the stories, many women can relate to her difficult marriage. Thanks for the exposition. I just stumbled upon this site in my search for a question on Abigail. After the death of Amnon, her son was supposed to be the heir but Absalom tried to usurp the throne.

He went to her and had sex with her. She gave birth to a son and named him Solomon. He will build a temple for my name, and I will establish his royal throne forever. I will be a father to him, and he will be a son to me. The cultural tradition of primogeniture the right of the first-born son was frequently ignored by God. Esau was born first, but God chose Jacob. Reuben was born first, but the line of Christ came through Judah, and Joseph saved the family and assumed authority over them.