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This ape, Specter, uses a time machine to conquer different time periods and establish the apes as the most dominant race. The player must travel through time and recapture the apes. In this game Marty Mcfly travels from to the year by mistake. Marty now has to run up the street in a Paperboy game style and collect alarm clocks in order to prevent him and his brothers and sisters from being erased from the photograph.

He also has to fight bullies at the malt shop, prevent Lorraine from kissing him by breaking her heart, play the electric guitar by catching music notes and attempt to drive up to 88 MPH in his Delorean time machine car to get back to In this game the old Biff Tannen steals the sports almanac and takes the Delorean time machine to and gives it to his younger self. As a result, Biff alters , now ruling Hill Valley as a rich man. Marty Mcfly has to time travel in three different time periods, , , and , to gather 30 items and solve the word puzzle for each item in order to get the sports almanac book and burn it.

Later, Doc Brown and Marty are stuck in the year , which should have been Marty has to gather 10 items and solve the word puzzle for each item. After the puzzles are solved, Marty and Doc can use the train to push the Delorean time machine car to get it to 88 MPH and get back to Back to the Future: Doc gets trapped in and needs Marty McFly's help.

Windows , PlayStation 4 , Xbox One.

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This action-adventure game has an overhead perspective. Nintendo Entertainment System , Game Boy. This action-adventure game has an isometric perspective. It is related to the film's plot; the duo must restore historical figures to their correct time periods by exploring the game world and collecting objects. Increaser to no Tatakai.

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Xbox , Windows , PlayStation 3. Masters of Time and Space. Bugs Bunny and Taz: Dark Corners of the Earth. Windows , Xbox , PlayStation 3 , Wii. The sequel to Chrono Trigger. A boy named Serge accidentally arrives in an alternate universe where he died as a child, and ends up on a time-travelling adventure to avert catastrophe. A group of heroes from different eras travel back and forth through time in an attempt to prevent the end of the world in the year Mac OS X , Windows. PlayStation 3 , Windows , Xbox Windows , Mac OS X.

An ordinary schoolgirl, oblivious to the knowledge that her female ancestors have been defending humanity from evil for centuries. During the game, Alyssa is hunted by serial killers who want to take her heart from her corpse. She travels through time to destroy supernatural killers after their final murders. Connections It's a Mind Game. Travel from one environment to the next, looking for clues that explain how you entered this world—and how you can escape.

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Capture your entire imagination in reality-based situations. Encounter James Burke and other live-action characters who add vitality to the experience. The series' traditional wormholes to the various levels now transport Crash to different points in history. The main protagonist has the ability to penetrate other characters' memories and change the actions taken by them in the past.

Game Boy Color , Nintendo 64 , Windows. Windows , Xbox Darkest of Days takes the player through time into historic battles in an effort to save key individuals from death. The battles range from Custer's Last Stand at the Battle of Little Bighorn in to fighting in Pompeii as ash and fire rain down from an erupting Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD. Apple II , C Time Master Tim must be guided through prehistoric landscapes in order to collect dinosaur eggs and transport them through time to the present.

Playstation 4 , Xbox One , Windows. In a particular level the player can freely switch between past and present. A quest in the main timeline transports the main character into an apocalyptic future. The circumstances of the apocalypse are a direct result of the main character's abrupt disappearance earlier in time.

Completing the quest by returning to the past allows the character to prevent the apocalyptic future they experienced from occurring. PlayStation , Nintendo 3DS. The journey of main character Ness begins after a time traveler, Buzz Buzz, tells him about a future apocalypse which only he and his friends can stop. In the last part of the game, the protagonists travel to the past, when the villain Giygas is most vulnerable. One of Giygas' minions, Porky, escapes to another time period and becomes the main antagonist of Mother 3. Defender of the Future. Dreamcast , PlayStation 2. The Elder Scrolls II: The end of the game results in the Agent giving the Totem of Tiber Septim to one of eight factions.

Somehow, all eight factions receive the Totem at the same time, and controlling the Numidium, a giant brass golem, with the Totem, achieved whatever goals they had. This event is called "The Warp" in the West, and is thought to have happened due to a "break" in time, in which multiple timelines converged into one. The Elder Scrolls V: Windows , PlayStation 3 , Xbox The Dovahkiin uses an Elder Scroll in a "time wound" to look back into time to when the time wound was created, which was when that particular Elder Scroll was last used.

This is so the Dovahkiin can learn the "Dragonrend" shout, which was used as a key component in banishing Alduin, the main antagonist of the game. Escape From Monkey Island. At one point in the game, the protagonist Guybrush meets his future self, who gives him a key for a gate and some other useless items in a certain order, and answers a random question. A few screens later, in order to progress, the player must give his past self the items in the same order and answer the question just as Guybrush in the future did.

Players must travel back in time to prevent the forces of Discord from altering the history of Norrath. Hail to the King. PlayStation , Dreamcast , Windows. Ash Williams travels to medieval Damascus year A Fistful of Boomstick. PlayStation 2 , Xbox. Ash Williams travels through several time periods the early 20th century, years , , and medieval Asia. Players travel between four different time periods, each with its own historical setting and graphical art style that match up with Game Boy graphics, 8-bit graphics, bit graphics and 3D graphics.

The villain Garland travels 2, years into the past with the help of the Four Fiends. Garland then sends the Four Fiends 2, years into the future to cause global destruction and send his present-day body into the past. The character Ellone has the ability to send the consciousness of a person she knows back in time and junction it to another person she knows in the past. The plot of Final Fantasy VIII also deals with a sorceress from the future and "Time Compression", in which past, present, and future all mix together.

PlayStation 2 , Windows , Xbox Once the "Wings of the Goddess" expansion has been applied, players can travel between the present and past during play. PlayStation 3 , Xbox Noel Kreiss comes from the distant future, where he is the last human who travels back in time to change the future. Gameplay heavily involves time travel, including visiting same locations in different eras and using time travel to complete quests and solve mysteries.

This game involves time traveling by boarding a Talon spaceship. To travel to the past, the player must find the past item unit in Elan Present, then use the Past Warp unit at the Talon controls to go to the past, then also find the future item in the Castle of Chaos, then use the Future Warp unit at the Talon controls to go to the future. Lucina, the daughter of the main protagonist, Chrom, travels back from a post-apocalyptic future where the dragon Grima has taken over. Lucina's friends also travel to the past with her.

This game involves time traveling with the Samurai character, who is chasing after the Demon King through time in each level. Both this game and its sequel, Freedom Force vs. The crew must travel back to prevent the sale of Planet Express. They fail in doing so and get themselves killed which provides an infinite loop as the game starts all over again.

A window cleaner is transported through time. Windows , Xbox One , PlayStation 4. Using a variety of superpowers such as telekinesis and time travel, Cassandra must battle her way through an enemy-filled underground facility called The Quarry in order to save her abducted friend and solve a family mystery. The main character, Kratos, travels back in time to avoid being killed by Zeus.

Later in the game, Kratos uses the power of the sisters of fate to travel to a time before the Olympian gods held power over the world and bring the Titans back to his time to destroy the gods. The main character has the ability to change fate by traveling back in time to four minutes before a person's death. Growlanser Wayfarer of Time.

Two angels from the future travel back in time: Achiel wants to annihilate the humankind, while Youriel, sympathizes with the humans and wants to save them.

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Text game that has the player travel back in time to save President Kennedy from being assassinated and prevent a disastrous spacetime rift. The superpowered main character, Cole MacGrath, finds out that the main antagonist, Dr. Kessler, is actually a future version of himself from an alternate timeline, who, after his family was killed by an entity known as "The Beast", travelled back in time to prevent his past self from making the same mistakes he did.

The plot begins with the protagonist Jak being taken through the "precursor rift gate" to the same location years in the future. Near the end of the game it is revealed that a young kid in this future is actually Jak while he was young, and that he was sent back in time to learn the skills necessary to defeat the antagonist, Kor. Mac OS , Windows. The Journeyman Project series. Players have to bounce back and forth in time to solve puzzles and find clues, visiting real historical places Leonardo da Vinci 's workshop or places of legend Atlantis.

Players were also encouraged to not be seen either by avoiding contact with citizens of that time period, appearing as another inhabitant or becoming invisible altogether. JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: The goal of the game is to prevent a bratty girl from altering history so that her answers to a history quiz she failed will be correct.

Black Pete tries to take the Cornerstone of Light that protects the castle from evil, but is stopped by Sora and company, along with Pete's past version. The eponymous protagonist must travel through various time periods to recover the pieces of the Dragon Amulet.

The game takes place over the course of four eras. Characters travel through the eras to defeat "The Void", an unknown entity attempting to destroy the universe and time itself. Actions taken in one era affect future eras. The game series states that "history abhors a paradox". In the Kain series, the "Timestream" is immutable. Changes made by individuals have no effect on the general flow of time, but major changes can be made by introducing a paradox, at which point the Timestream is forced to reshuffle itself to accommodate the change in history.

Life Is Strange is a graphic adventure game that tells the story of student Max Caulfield, a 12th grade student at Blackwell Academy, and how she has got the ability to reverse time so players can redo any action past a certain checkpoint. PlayStation 2 , Wii , Xbox Adventure Out of Time. Microsoft Windows , Macintosh.

The Legend of Zelda: Time traveling is used in this Legend of Zelda game. A time gate portal in the Faron area in the Forest Temple allows the player to time travel years into the past. The Magic of Scheherazade.

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Day of the Tentacle. The player switches freely between three characters, each trapped in a different era past, present and future. Gameplay requires sending items back and forth through time and altering historic events in one era to affect another. One humorous example involves altering Betsy Ross' plans for the American flag in order to turn it into a costume to disguise the player in a future controlled by sentient tentacles.

Mario and Luigi travel to the past to help their younger selves fight off an alien invasion. This educational video game involves Bowser stealing precious artifacts from history, such as Shakespeare's pen and Magellan's ship's steering wheel, and displaying them in his museum. Mario must go back in time to stop Bowser's plan. In the beginning of the story, a severely weakened Raiden is about to be killed by Shao Kahn, but casts a last-minute spell on the shattered pieces of his magical amulet, directing it to contact his past self with the vague message "He must win".

The act eventually reboots the events of the franchise, though it is successful by the end of the story. The New Adventures of the Time Machine. Microsoft Windows 98 , Windows Me , Windows An adaptation of H. Wells ' works, you are a male protagonist thrown out of your own time period and only one can help you - a mythical being, the demi-god Khronos.

This point-and-click adventure game takes place in a post-apocalyptic scenario, where Earth has been destroyed by forces of nature. In the 26th century a group of people execute The Phoenix Plan, in which they travel into the past in an attempt to manipulate the fate of the future.

PlayStation 2 , Wii. The game was short only 9 levels but saw a pilot operating the Omega Boost mecha back in time to stop the artificial intelligence AlphaCore from implanting a virus into ENIAC as part of a war between humans and AlphaCore. PlayStation 2 , Windows. This game features two playable characters who have switched places in time due to the instability of an antagonist's time machine. A feudal Samurai was sent to modern-day Paris, while a modern-day French officer was transported to feudal Japan.

Each campaign features a different plot and several endings. Pepper's Adventures in Time. A girl, Pepper, and her dog, Lockjaw, travel back in time to Philadelphia in Pepper is responsible for ensuring that history unfolds the way it should, as well as first locating and subsequently reuniting with Lockjaw.

The player's neighbor Crazy Dave eats a taco and enjoys it so much he decides to travel back in time to eat it again, drawing the player into a time-hopping adventure. Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness. The player travels back in time to save the future, in which time has stopped altogether.

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The scale ownership 6 items was used to determine how the player uses the actions to complete the goal of the game, creates a strategy and personal goals, uses rewards, and takes ownership over the game. The task has been designed to assess training-related behavioral and neural changes in Stroop interference and in negative priming NP. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Unlike hardcore video games, CVGs are intended as games for everyone that are easy to use and play, do not require high commitment or special skills, and can be completed in short play sessions [ 11 , 12 ]. Green CS, Bavelier D. The computerized tasks have been programmed using E-Prime 2.

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