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mosernamosur.ml/an-introduction-to-pidgins-and-creoles-cambridge.php She is comfortable with her life, in her position, in her marriage. She has everything she wants, there is no itching foot to be satisfied, she has no sense of lacking fulfilment. Still, Buchan captures perfectly Kay's horror as her husband Bror begins to collaborate willingly with the Nazis.

Kay is a British woman, her husband is a Danish man with a host German relatives. Despite over twenty years of marriage, the two are cast suddenly at odds. A key question in the novel becomes how can one maintain a relationship where one partner has to deceive the other. Fra Eberstern may be physically faithful to her husband but her politics are another matter and it heartbreaking as she is slowly ripped from him by the barrier of diverging ideologies. Fiction set in World War Two often invites the reader to speculate how they themselves might behave were they to be transplanted into these situations.

Although it has been seventy years, World War Two still seems like recent history. Buchan's novel takes this as a particularly strong theme as the main characters hope and pray that they will have the courage to remain steadfast during interrogation should they be caught. It is that sense that we cannot truly know ourselves and we are capable of that adds an extra layer of fear. One character goes through training to be an agent and is given a mock interrogation, although she knows that it is not real it is nonetheless a horrific scene.

Kay may have only meant to dabble her toe in the waters of espionage but Buchan makes clear that there is no middle-ground; once you have said yes once, you are as culpable as the rest. Mavis Lever As Kay tries to protect the young agent Felix from prying eyes, back in Britain there are a host of secret listeners working to take down and analyse transmissions. Mary Voss and her colleagues come to know and recognise the 'fists' of the agents who are signalling to them and the young Ruby Ingram has a creative eye for increasing security.

Ruby was a particularly well-drawn character with more than a passing resemblance to the celebrated Mavis Lever. Again, there is a nurturing feel to I Can't Begin To Tell You which is absent from the majority of spy fiction as Mary remarks on how she cares for and worries about her agents, longing to send them some kind of sign of encouragement.

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Just could not get into this book! Kay is a British woman, her husband is a Danish man with a host German relatives. It's really more for the human element, and I enjoyed it for that. I look forward to reading it, though I have to admit as you know from our exchange of comments on The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas there is a risk of fictionalising history connected to the Holocaust. For my full review - http: Despite over twenty years of marriage, the two are cast suddenly at odds.

Ruby frets that the 'poem code' system which the agents have to follow is open to abuse but all struggle to have their voices heard in the male-dominated environment. The novel is based on the unspoken, on that which cannot be said out loud.

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Ruby and her love interest Major Martin ponder whether or not one of their agents has been broken and how he might begin to let them know if this were the case. Mary feels adrift, alone and unmarried and unable to tell anybody about the work she is doing. Kay is forced to create distance between herself and her family both because she is unsure who can be trusted and also as she does not want to endanger them. Men and women fall in love but are unable to ask each other the most simple questions.

Relationships wither as secrets bloom. The British secret service was legendary for its successes but its insistence on the separation of different departments here makes it almost impossible to find out the truth when nobody who knows anything will be allowed to speak. For my full review - http: Jan 18, Jane rated it really liked it. I chose this book because it was partly set in Denmark, a country that I love. Kay, an English lady is married to Bror, a Dane. They live on a country estate on Zealand and have invaluable help both inside and outside the house.

Their two children are older and live in Copenhagen. Set in the time of WWII and the Danish resistance is fighting to bring down the Germans who are invading their small country. With the help of Britain and their coding experts these brave Da My thoughts. With the help of Britain and their coding experts these brave Danes do what they can to defeat their enemy.

Kay becomes involved causing turmoil and distrust within her family relationships.

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"I Can't Begin to Tell You" is a popular song with music written by James V. Monaco and lyrics by Mack Gordon. The song was published in The song was. Buchan is an established name in romance and 'chick lit' but I Can't Begin To Tell You marks a major departure. Tales of derring-do from World.

We are given a glimpse into life in Britain for the women who tirelessly worked on the messages being sent from the agents in Europe. Ruby, a very bright young lady whose talent is recognised becomes a key player in recognising discrepancies in the agents skeds. However, she has to fight the male bureaucracy to become heard.

I can't begin to tell you

Fortunately, there is one man who does listen. This is fiction interwoven with fact and it makes for a great story which I loved from beginning to end. Betrayal, love, it has it all. Nov 27, Caroline Mills rated it it was amazing. This has to be Elizabeth Buchan's best book. I recommend it highly. Not only is there a good story of friends and lovers actually two good stories but there is a wealth of historical information about the Resistance in London and Denmark during WW2. Mar 13, KerryH rated it really liked it Shelves: A departure from her previous genre and one I don't personally enjoy.

So this was a very pleasant and enjoyable surprise.

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This book tells the story of the German occupation of Denmark during World War 2 and looks at the role of British Intelligence during that time, looking at the code breakers who were working in London and the resistance fighters on the ground in Denmark,. The story centres around Kay, a middle aged British woman living in Denmark. When the Nazis invade Denmark she is shocked that her husband of 25 years, collaborates with the enemy to preserve the legacy of the family home. Kay is soon lured into This book tells the story of the German occupation of Denmark during World War 2 and looks at the role of British Intelligence during that time, looking at the code breakers who were working in London and the resistance fighters on the ground in Denmark,.

Kay is soon lured into a covert world of resistance putting both her life and the lives of her husband and grown up children in danger. Soon she is working with an Special Operations Executive SOE operative known as Felix, helping him send and receive messages to the code breakers in London. As well as Kay we get to know some of the code breakers in London including Mary whose job it is to record the Morse code messages that arrive and send out new ones and Ruby whose job as a cipher clerk means she has to encrypt and decode the messages. I was intrigued by this book as I do enjoy books set in World War 2, especially those told from different perspectives.

This one primarily is very female led and many of the women featured are brave and intelligent. I did enjoy it for the most part but wasn't that keen on the writing style - it didn't flow for me and I didn't feel emotionally invested in the characters. I was trying to think why, and I think it's because the author was trying to focus on the lives of too many characters. I also think it maybe could have been a little shorter which would have kept the pacing better.

However, I did enjoy learning more about the special operatives who operated as part of the resistance and the code breakers - it was made me want to read more around the subject. Many thanks to the author for sending me a copy of this book. Jun 29, Laura rated it really liked it Shelves: It touches upon relationships between family members and how these are tested when allegiances between the Germans and the allies were brought into question, and also the contribution, no matter how small, that so many different people had towards the war effort.

Without giving too much away, it is really refreshing to read a novel that centres on military intelligence and espionage and in which the majority of the protagonists are women — and strong women at that, who may in some ways be flawed but are all the more admirable for it! Let me hear a cheer for strong women! I felt that the novel flows really well and the language she uses fits the tone if the novel really well. I always find books about life during the war really interesting, particularly when it focuses on narratives that are a little different.

It made me consider what life was like for those in a Nazi-occupied country, as well as for those in Britain. Buchan includes interesting, believable characters and really opened my eyes to the undercover, understated fights against dictatorship and repression by ordinary and not so ordinary people during the Second World War. It was really interesting to be read about the way war affects relationships, both romantic and familial.

May 06, Doris rated it it was amazing. I was lucky enough to receive a copy from Netgalley and just loved it. It's very good story telling, beautifully written and keeps flowing from beginning to end. It is focussed on Denmark in WW2 and the role of the resistance fighters but also explores the devastating role war can have on relationships. However, very cleverly it also shows how war empowered women to find so much more within themselves than had ever been possible in peacetime.

Thoroughly recommended on all levels. Jul 13, A rated it really liked it. It took me a while to get into this book, but once I did, I didn't want to put it away.

Life is short. Read fast.

The story is gripping and the ending is one I did not necessarily anticipate. One thing that rather bothers me is how one-dimensional Bror stays. His role is such an important one, yet I never really felt anything for him. The relationship between him and Kay is so strong, but the reader doesn't get enough of it to really feel with them. Jul 31, Melanie rated it liked it. I got to read a pre-publication proof copy of this title for my book group. Interesting story told from the different perspective of WW2 in Denmark, but the book is let down by poor editing, sometimes clumsy writing and a rushed conclusion after nearly pages.

Got this book from the world book night,its a great spy war time story. Aug 12, Elaine added it Shelves: Sep 20, Karen rated it it was amazing. Buchan is one of my favorite authors. That said, I had to go to London to find this book! I read all of my books electronically so this was the first novel I "paged" through in a long time. And it was well worth the lack of a dictionary with only a light tap on the word and the other features I am accustomed to with electronic reading. Set in recently occupied Denmark, a na Ms.

Set in recently occupied Denmark, a nation that slowly realized that an underground resistance would be essential to defeating the Nazis, London calls the shots on training Danes who sought to save their country. It is a gripping novel that ends too soon, but it ends at the right time. I will happily lend it to my local friends, but I will reread this book. Oct 15, Alisa rated it really liked it.

I Can't Begin to Tell You by Elizabeth Buchan

Espionage and resistance during WW2. Firstly, novels on agents and resistance workers tend to often be set in France. This one takes place in Denmark - which, along with Norway, tends to be overlooked in historical fiction about WW2. Therefore it was interesting to gain a detailed insight into how the Danish population coped with occupation during the war. Secondly, most books of this genre tend to rely on fast-pace Espionage and resistance during WW2.

Secondly, most books of this genre tend to rely on fast-paced action and suspense. I enjoyed the story although it took me a while to get into it. Although the writing is very good, Buchan tends to go into a lot of unnecessary? It did pick up and gather a bit of pace in the second half, however.

Mar 02, Dianne rated it really liked it. This is another book about WW2 and how it affected the lives of people. This time set in Denmark. Without giving too much away I was really drawn into the lives of those undercover agents risking their lives daily. The writer conveys the encroaching danger to English born Kay as she enters bit by bit into this world, while her Danish husband chooses to cooperate with the Nazis for the sake of Denmark and his wealthy land holding. How can Kay reconcile such conflicting emotions? Can she be true t This is another book about WW2 and how it affected the lives of people.

Can she be true to her values and in doing so risk her life and the lives of her children and husband? We read how War brings out the ultimate sacrifice in some, the desire to stay safe in others and in some, the readiness to betray for self gain or preservation. Nov 11, David Gill rated it really liked it.

This was a soul searching book about the resistance movement in Denmark during the occupation of the country by German troops. It dealt well with the rights and wrongs of those people who tolerated but did not approve and those who actively fought. It also dealt with the system set up in England to receive and decode messages from those active in the field.

Review: I Can’t Begin To Tell You, Elizabeth Buchan

Oct 19, L. Berry rated it really liked it. This was an interesting book and a good read about the use of Morse code during the war. Although there were frequent changes of character and point of view, I understood and believed the characters. It first reached the Billboard Best Seller chart on December 27, , and lasted 3 weeks on the chart, peaking at 9.

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