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This one is combined with shifters and is set in futuristic New York City. In this series Vampires pretty much rule the cities. People are kept around pretty much to supply the blood banks with blood. Plot - Tay Maslov has been cast out or declared Feral because she refused to cull humans. Now she is on her own with no legal means to feed. Soon the virus will start to take over from not feeding on blood. There is some strange chemistry between Tay and Kaiden. Tay tries to fight it, but Kaiden somehow keeps coming to her rescue. The pacing is pretty fast taking us all over Brooklyn, and Manhattan.

As Tay tries to get herself off of the Feral list. This is the first book of a series, needless to say there is a cliffhanger at the end of this book, and it is a good one. The main characters are learning that some practices are just not right and the people in charge may not be the best leaders. This is a pretty good book and it is free on Amazon.

You should give it a try. May and Obsessive Pimpette Promotions for an honest review. Reviewed by Mollien from Alpha Book Club Feb 14, Angela Sanders rated it it was amazing.

Lost Vampire

A future where Vampires rule Tay, a young vampire, under the thumb of a cruel and ruthless, Archon Jeremiah, was cast out as a feral. On the run, with no sanctuary, no one allowed to give her aid for fear of Jeremiah's wrath; she's near starving when Kaiden rescues her from the clutches of a trap set by shifters.

In what feels like a betrayal, they become separated and Tay goes on the run again, only to be betrayed again. She no longer knows who she can trust; friend or foe? Will she be able to s A future where Vampires rule Tay, a young vampire, under the thumb of a cruel and ruthless, Archon Jeremiah, was cast out as a feral. Will she be able to survive as a feral or will she succumb to the vampiric virus set to take over what's left of her humanity, ultimately turning her into an insane monster. There are many dark forces working against the mortals and shifters in New York. Who will have the courage to fight back?

May has quickly become one of my favorite authors. I've read all of her Kerrigan books. When I happened upon this one, I had to read it and I wasn't disappointed! Her writing is impeccable as she completely consumes you with every word. I highly recommend this series, along with anything written by W. Everything she writes is truly exceptional! Mar 28, Spunky N Sassy rated it liked it Shelves: One thing is the Culling. So instead of participating in them she goes to the Blood Clubs and hangs out.

As an Elder and a Vampire her Archon Jeremiah of Brooklyn requires this and when she disobeys him again, a price must be paid. Jeremiah punishes her in the worst way a vampire can be punished by being marked as a Feral and hated by Vampires, treated less than scum on their shoes. One wrong turn and Tay finds herself in trouble she never even imagined. Will she survive and how does the handsome Kaiden become part of her future or does he? I love most paranormal books and I wanted to love this one too. I read Victoria by W.

May and loved it.

Craving Willow Creek Vampires Audiobook 1

I have to say I was let down by this book. The story was too slow for me and it seemed just when the story actually got going the book ended on a huge cliffhanger, which I am not a big fan of. You are left with so many questions and with the way this book and story line went I am not sure I want to read the next one.

So read this book and judge for yourself but for me this book missed the mark. Jan 08, Cindy rated it liked it. This is the first book in a new series and the first time reading this author for me. The author does a decent job of establishing a vampire run society set sometime in the future in New York, but not a great deal to explain why or how the society evolved into what it is.

The writing is professional and editing well done. The heroine is a vampire who has been labeled an outcast or "feral" by the powers that be, and as she wanders, Tay stumbles upon a conspiracy to take down the vampire regime. Th This is the first book in a new series and the first time reading this author for me. The hero, Kaydin, crosses paths with Tay when he saves her life, but since he's a shifter hybrid, they're natural enemies. For most of the story, they have separate storylines. This is not a complete story.

I'm on the fence with this one. I'm not sure that I like either character enough, that the plot was developed enough to draw me into buying more parts. There is some gratuitous violence but no sexual scenes. Jan 09, Brenda Mcallister rated it liked it. Liked the basic storyline, but it was just OK, not anything new or different. Have read other books by this author that were better. Very short read - about an hour or so. An outcast vampire is rescued by a created werewolf - vampire hybrid. Most such meetings result in the death of at least one of the parties, but not this time. They part without reaching any understanding, but book hints they will work together in future episodes.

More attention is paid to the settings than character develop Liked the basic storyline, but it was just OK, not anything new or different. More attention is paid to the settings than character development. This left me without much sympathy for them or much interest in what happens next. There were also issues with the fitting. Felt very hurried, paragraphs that didn't read right and CH.

Jan 31, Roxanne Dugger-Martinez rated it really liked it. This was different than most vampire books I've read and I liked it. I really like the main characters Tay and Kaiden. I thought they were tough fighters as well as kind souls and I look forward to reading more about them. The only thing I disliked about this book was how it was written. It was kind of weird and didn't flow well at times. Other than that I enjoyed the book and look forward to reading the next installment.

Apr 23, Elizabeth rated it really liked it. This book started a little slow for me to understand but then I couldn't stop reading. So far I haven't found book 2 for follow up. I', really wanting to see what the future holds for Tae and Kaiden. Also, I like to read the downfall of Archon Jeremiah. Jan 18, Adrielle rated it liked it Shelves: A world where the governing body is made up if vampires. The rest us typical, been done and predictable. A quick read but nothing stands out, glad it was free. Nov 20, Paula Genereau rated it it was amazing. Tae lived on a farm as a girl.

Everything changed when the servitors came looking for people to serve the master. Follow Tae on her journey I received this book from hurricane readers book review for my honest review. I really enjoyed it.

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Dec 16, Anna rated it it was amazing Shelves: However, Kayley is scared of letting him in because she knows it could spell trouble. Could she do it? Could she find a better place that allows her to stay with the one person she cares about more than anything else? The short story book contains mature content and language intended for adult readers only! It'll take a witchy woman to break a wicked curse. Giovanna has served the Holy Mother Church since the day they burned her at the stake.

As a member of the Sinistra Dei, a secret order within the Catholic Church, Gia excelled at the art of assassinations. Lately, the biggest crisis Gia has had to face is a long night at work. That is until her quiet world begins to unravel when her commander, and former lover, sinks into insanity. Before she can come to terms with his illness, and centuries of secrets and lies, dark immortals terrorize the French Quarter.

In the face of new enemies, old fears, a rising death toll, and the unexpected evolution of her supernatural powers—Gia is forced to choose between duty and loyalty to save those she loves. Feast of the Epiphany is the second book in the Sinistra Dei series. This unique package features some of the best selling authors from the world of Paranormal Romance. The perfect blend of love, sex and adventure involving curvy, cute heroines and their loveable Werebear lovers.

Within this set you will find multiple bestselling books including books that have previously been number one hits. Each book can be read standalone and none will leave you hanging! This is your chance to own them all! The 10 Incredible Books included in this collection are: All books include scenes of a sexual nature. Only suitable for adults. However, Emily's scent is familiar to Sam and he knows she is hiding a secret However, when he catches the scent of curvy Bree he has to have her but he also knows his secret is going to come out too However, when he meets curvy Daphne everything changes, has the bear finally met his mate?

Now a handsome stranger named Max is willing to reveal all She thinks they want to kill her but really they want to mate her Only thing is, in this tribe there is 1 queen but 2 kings. Can she really please 2 alpha bears? However, when she looks into him she discovers a secret more shocking then she expected. Now he knows that she knows, what will happen next? Now with her people coming after her she has found comfort in the shape of 2 werebears named Afonso and Nico who plan to do more then just protect her The men she is going to be sold to are bear shifters Adrian and Grant and they want to use her as their personal sex toy Do not miss the chance to own these for one low price, scroll back up and click buy now.

A must have for your collection! Rescued by a demon. An offer she can't refuse. Hell is on its way. Can she survive the ensuing storm? Or will she lose her heart and soul in the process? An Archangel with a heart of ice… For several millennia Archangel Gabriel has never felt attraction to another being - until now. When a sadistic centipede demon from Hell named Zepar sets his lascivious sights on Dominic, Gabriel will stop at nothing to protect his ward. But why is he willing to risk everything - even his wings - for Dominic? Could this unknown feeling be love?

When the army is called upon to investigate the strange object that crashed to Earth, special ops solider Luke is only too happy to volunteer. Gin, the future king of an alien planet, spots something in Luke he wants, and royalty always gets what it wants. But can Luke help Gin and his crew get home before the Army blows them up? If you love the work of Anna Hackett and Eve Langlais you will love this. This is a fantasy paranormal Vampire romance filled with hot sex, strong dominant men.

This novel is written mainly in British English, with American words and language and slang from both languages. For all those ladies that fell in love with 'Angel' You know who you are! For over years he has lived with the knowledge that he is no longer human.

Fleeing persecution and loss he made his way to the New World. The first of his kind to arrive. For years, the leader of his clan. Yet, he has been alone. Unwilling to mate a human once more and no vamp giving rise to his emotions. Fought off those that challenged his house. Protected it against all comers and dealt with the rogues.

Those that refused to live by his rules. That threatened to expose them all. This was not Europe. The old ways did not hold sway here. They accepted that, left or they died. The tantalizing scent tingled his senses and stirred him. Unique, as all humans were but this was different. There was something else Intrigued he had to follow it, see where it led. Never stirred so strongly before it was an enigma he was driven to solve. And on seeing the reality he knew he would have to fight to protect her. She was born dead. The goddess Freyja having taken pity on the babe in the battle to be born.

Regin never understood why. Had no reason to believe a purpose in Freyja actions, or why the Fates took a hand. But there was no doubt she had gifted Regin on her rebirth. She had given her, the abilities of a shield maiden. The ability to fight. And Regin used it to good effect.

Exposed to the dark world, she soon understood her purpose. She fought and adapted to protect the innocent. Meeting him, brings all that she knows into question. He doesn't carry the hunger. The darkness doesn't ride him like the others. She has no time to think on it, her enemy is close.

Does he fight with her or against her? And in that moment her life changes in a way she could never have foreseen….. Or maybe Freyja had …. Love …Hate …Betrayal …Death These are the things that will destroy your marriage. That and letting your old girlfriend who is a Vampire meet your new wife.

This book contains a mixture of paranormal content and a small amount of romance. The adult content and language maybe slightly offensive to some, and should not be read by anyone under The morning of her divorce changes her life forever. They have great conversations, dinner and Artimus welcomes her into his home at any time she wishes.

But before Mary can see herself with Artimus and move on from her divorce, she learns that Artimus is not just a man, rather, something from myth and legend.

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Artimus is a vampire with odd tastes. Not to mention that the one person Mary thought she could trust, Chels, tries to come between them.. What happens when the missing ingredient for your love life is not quite what you imagined? Take one curvy cook Sophie Carlton has a taste for adventure and longs to escape the confines of her stodgy British family.

When she gets the opportunity to work as a cook in a remote logging camp in the United States, she has no idea just how much excitement is in store. Add one formidable bear Grizzly shifter Cage Rochon lives and works with his brothers in the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

They love the land and rely on its privacy to keep their secret. Mix well with family, danger, and plenty of spice Or will Sophie decide that becoming part of a family of bears is one adventure too many? Bearly Cooking is the first title in the Pacific Northwest Bears series. It is a paranormal romance with no cliffhanger and a HEA. Angus Macgregor has endured a lot in life. Mother passing when he was a small child, he also nursed an ill father to his last breath. Daniel Ramsey is a man with secrets, none more dangerous than the fact that he can see what others can't. When he meets one particularly handsome Australian, the attraction is immediate.

Hesitant to let down his guard, his hand is forced when a former guest of the castle comes calling and attempts to stake a claim on the very man Daniel wants. Tyler MacKeltar has a motto: Just make it one more day. Life has dealt him more than his fair share of blows, and damaged his animal, almost past the point of no return. Then Parker Leighton walks into his life. One look at her is all it takes to soothe his beast. Parker Leighton does her best to hide from the world. Or will their revelations send them running in opposite directions? Adventure and spaceships and aliens, oh my!

Seeking an escape from her life back in Kansas, Dottie signs up on a whim to become a Federation space captain! Alone in space and wishing for adventure, Dottie goes off course to an uncharted star system to answer a distress call. After being forced down to the planet by an alien probe in orbit, Dottie meets Croen, a handsome gray-skinned man with vivid purple eyes and an energy rifle pointed right at her. Learning they are in a shared predicament, they set off together in search of the probe's origins, what happened to the aliens whose ancient ruins litter the jungle, and how to get back home.

His father, the villain known as Big Boss, had once left his family for Lila—or so Andrey thinks.

It'll take a witchy woman to break a wicked curse.

Today, he wants revenge. Cold, calculated and almost evil, Andrey uses Lila in vile ways, but the boomerang is bound to return. Will Andrey be able to resist Lila when she turns his own weapons against him? A story of dark seduction, walking the fine line between love and hate. An alien race known for pleasure, would she dare.

But the lights, the scents, the sounds—everything is too much for Natalie. This is a stand alone science fiction romance with an HEA. Tate was one of The Tala, aliens come to earth from outer space. Sandra was just a human girl. Now Emma was dead and the only person that could keep Tate alive as Emma would have wanted was Sandra - if she agreed to mate him.

The Tala deny it, but most everyone believes that they are werewolves. He was standing at his full height and every single one of his muscles were rigid. His eyes were glowing a golden yellow with hints of red sparks and those chains kept creaking alarmingly. I had seen him angry before most notably the very last time I had seen him in person when he had made it clear that if he ever found me in his presence again, he would kill me. When he spoke, his voice was snarly and I could see his canine teeth flashing between his lips.

All characters involved in sexual situations are 18 years of age or older. This is a very short romance. It contains elements of sexual scenes, dark romance, submission, and shifter sex. If such material offends you, please do not read further nor download this work.

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The only hope for their people rested in the hands of the twelve Lords and their Queen mothers who fled the planet just before its destruction. The twelve ships separated in hope of finding a genetically compatible species with which to mate. After three years of searching the universe, one Lord has found the people of Earth. His mother, the Queen, brokered a deal with the American President for one genetically sound virgin for her son.

After all, now one knows if these Endarians are civil or what they plan to do with her. Can they save the Endari race from extinction in time? She is a tough chick who makes a living by landing on a resource-rich planet, stealing the resources and selling it to someone who needs it the most. She has never cared about anyone but herself and doesn't plan to change that. But when she and her current crew of misfits get captured by an alien race she has stolen from in the past, she turns on the seductive charm to get out of there. She finds herself in the arms of the second in command who she will make fall in love for her in order to protect her so she can eventually escape.

But she soon butts heads over this idea with a crew member, her own second in command, who is also an alien and apparently has been in love with her for a long time. This twisted love triangle eventually ends in someone's tragic death which teaches Layla to take nothing and no one for granted. It was populated with mostly young Millenials who were fresh and starting out. This was precisely the reason that Xara and Krill's employers chose Earth and Hub city. This city would be perfect for their dark purposes. There would be several young, fresh, and hot females for the taking here and the alien sex traders would not be denied.

But of course, as soon as she meets them everything changes. However, as time begins to pass and as she gets closer to them, she realizes she is missing out on life, and her life feels missing. Her family is far from there, and often, Maya turns to her experiments and science projects to feel whole. But when these two aliens give her a chance to leave Earth, to change her life for the better, the choice is up to her.

Will Maya do it? Or will she abandon the opportunity before she even decides to take a chance? Find out in this thrilling and sensual threesome alien story. Neither of them get along, and both feel like the other is pure competition, and in the way of each other. After the sudden and unexpected death of their father though, their lives are tossed together while dealing with the sudden loss, forcing them to get along with each other. However, there are things in their pasts that make them the way they are toward each other. Where animosity is now, there use to be a deeper level of affection for one another.

Can they finally overcome the barriers they put up and come together? Will they ever go back to the way they were in the past? But with two clashing personalities, is that even possible? Love Off the Court — Tennis Romance Divorced, depressed, and seemingly giving up on most things important in his life, Dennis Mitchell finds himself on the receiving end of a divorce.

His wife, Mellissa, of fifteen years left him suddenly high and dry without any rhyme or reason why. Nearing his forties, and still a popular tennis sports star, he has all but given up finding any love and just going through the motions. That is, until a contest changes his perspective and he meets Laura Miller. President of his local fan club, and a woman who seemed to be everything that Dennis liked. Question is, Can he get over himself and enjoy the date with her? Love is a hard and fickle thing sometimes for those that are divorced and well into the middle ages, but Dennis might just need a little nudge in the right direction.

She has been waiting for a good job so she can finally start living a new life. She is stuck bartending, and spends her nights taking photos of her beautiful plot of land. Until one night when everything changes. A creature like no other soars from the sky and into her life, turning it upside down. Not one, but two dragons have claimed her as their own and intend to make her fulfill her destiny. Each standalone story ends Happily Ever After. An explosion destroys a building in the middle of the city. Aliens have abducted women for testing.

Their reality is unbelievable and terrifying. Just as they are about to be transformed, a rescue turns into a romance. One of the women and a prince of a planet fall in love. Their attraction defies the laws that most live by. Humans and aliens falling in forbidden love. Returning to Earth seemed to be promising and yet it exposed more devastation.

Anita has to make the choice of a lifetime. Her choice leads her onto a path of love, happiness, wholeness and a new life. Just a forgettable one night stand. Typical- nothing out of the ordinary. Sarah was just an adorably quirky girl, one of my biggest fans. Now I have a new girlfriend, but Sarah's come back. And this time she's not leaving until she has me. After all, she's my number one fan. And if she can't have me Excerpt… She took two more steps and paused—squeezed her eyes tightly shut andEmber gasped as she looked forward up the shore to see a man struggling in the water.

He was coughing—spitting water from his mouth as he crawled from the water and onto the sand. As he collapsed face-down on the shore, Ember lifted her skirt and ran toward the man, dropping to her knees beside him. The man was stripped of his shirt—dressed only in a pair of trousers—no shoes… Ember shook her head, rolling her eyes at her own foolishness.

The man lay on his stomach—his face turned away from her. Placing a hand to his back, she sighed with relief as she felt he yet breathed. His eyes opened—his deep blue eyes, so shaded by thick, wet lashes that Ember wondered how it was he could see beyond them. Twelve "What If" short stories from the mind of Ernie Howard. Aida is the first story in the series.

Love is a many splendid thing. It can make you blind. It can make you feel like you're floating on a cloud. It can make you go crazy. In this fast-paced romantic thriller, we see that love can be the end of all things. A kiss can contain eternal bliss or eternal madness. What would you do for Love? George would do anything. Do you adore fascinating adventures, duels and intriguing love affairs? Then welcome to Agastan! It's not that easy to get into this country — it hovers in the air, high above the ground.

Open the book and you will plunge deep into the amazing Agastan customs. Parelia, a young princess of delightful beauty, rules the air-borne country. Many would like to have her as a wife, of course, along with the throne of Agastan. But the princess' most desperate admirer is the cunning and charming Arsy. Of course, the two friends don't get along with the law.

But they have never lacked the intellect, courage and perseverance! To study the Cathastu martial arts, Arsy and Zens head to a mountain fortress called Mozakon. Hard tests await them, but the young guys are ready for anything, even if they have to endure the antics of the stubborn and capricious daughter of the mercenary leader.

Secret martial arts are the only way for Arsy to protect himself against a former friend, Erathos — a diabolically dangerous criminal. Perhaps, by becoming stronger, Arsy would be able to save the princess from her conspirators, who dream of seizing power in the country? And then hatred in her heart would be replaced by good feeling… Does the robber in love have a chance at happiness? You will find out about this after reading the fascinating and cheerful story called "Meeting Nihena".

Most nineteen-year-old girls leave home and start their life at college. She trades in the dorm life for a mental hospital. He brings Violet to a school for people known as "Gifteds" in Iceland and the secrets surrounding her life start to unravel. There she learns that she is the last surviving Druid and has the ultimate power of controlling nature. The timing of her escape, however, lands her smack in the middle of an all out war between the Gifteds and the Nox, a rogue species that dwells in the darkness.

The Nox have been killing Druids to tip the balance of nature in their favor for decades and they will do anything to keep Violet from reaching her potential. Katrina is in a coma. Katrina isn't very happy there, especially when she can hear all the horrible things being said about her, without being able to do anything about it. Just when she's ready to give in to despair, things get weird. The mysterious and unexplained trespass Katrina's coma, and lives begin to change. Dawn Summers is dying. In the small village of Fandova the only medical care is in the form of the mysterious Dr.

Moralus who has a known penchant for bloodletting. Natalie was just planning a simple summoning spell to get an annoying neighbor out of her hair. Definitely nothing to do with demons. She's not a lunatic. But there may be something very wrong with her if the thing she summoned is what passes as her "soulmate". And if he thinks she is letting any of those tentacles get anywhere near her for a "consummation", he's got another think coming. This at best my expression of the love for the nature of women, their strength, beauty and essence , my greatest way of showing respect to every fiber of her being , in her eyes i see divinity, sincerely i believe she's a deity, this is my honor to her existence, my words at best to describe women.

Before America entered the Great War, Clara and Adam were set to be married but everything was put on hold when Adam was conscripted to join the military. Clara, along with her family, wait in Rockwood Springs, Texas, for the safe return of the soldier they all love. After being forced to return to a life Adam tried to leave behind, he is taken prisoner. What keeps him alive is the thought of returning to his true love, Clara. Though miraculously rescued, Adam must come to terms with what happened to him while captive.

After his return, the couple must face new obstacles to find their happily-ever-after. Adam and Clara are not the only ones affected by the war. Neighbors and friends in Rockwood Springs have their own battles to fight, struggles to overcome and victories to achieve. From bestselling author, Jenna Brandt, comes a story about the first World War and the lives of the people in Rockwood Springs, Texas during it. The era of WWI comes to life in the descriptions of volunteer rationing, victory gardens and war committees.

Promised to a Soldier shows how the power of love and faith can overcome the tragedies of war and how one woman's loving embrace can mend a soldier's wounded heart. It has been edited to remove references to that world and has been updated with new content and characters. Additionally, the main heroine's name has been changed from Karen to Clara, and her best friend, Melanie to Elizabeth, for historical accuracy. Gray Avery Nichols knows how to wear the mask. Perfect student, perfect daughter and perfect friend. Nobody would ever guess that inside Avery is a prisoner to her own self loathing.

Then she meets him…and everything changes. Handsome, charming and self assured, Jake Matthews sweeps Avery off her feet in an effortless fashion. Avery knows that Jake is everything she needs and all she has ever wanted. She would destroy herself to be loved by him…until he walks away. Broken and lost, Avery meets Parker. His genuine, caring nature reaches past the mask and the shattered pieces of her heart slowly begin to heal. But just when Avery starts to feel whole again, she faces the impossible truth. Jake never really left. Shattered Rose is book one in the Winsor Series. All books are stand alone, full-lengh novels.

When Tori Sales, a 23 year-old trauma nurse returns home, she's determined to escape the painful memories that haunt her still But not even the distraction of a new job, an overbearing family, or a therapist who won't take no for an answer can lessen the guilt trapped inside her.

But when a shocking revelation threatens the relationship she's come to rely on, Tori is forced to make another life-altering decision. Will she stay with the man she loves or will she choose the escape she knows best This is the first book in the Letting Go series. From this bestselling page-turner series of stand-alone novels comes a dramatic romance of one woman's search for home and the Texas rancher who teaches her what homegoing really means. A disillusioned heiress wants nothing more than a place to call home.

With lovable-but-quirky town folks, quaint country charm, and loads of business potential, Miller's Creek seems like the perfect place to start over. But Dani's dreams of finding home are crushed when malicious rumors and a devastating secret propel her down a road she never expected to travel. Though a Texas politician questions the arrival of this city gal in the hometown he's sworn to protect and defend, Steve can't help but admit he's falling for her. But when a mysterious billionaire funds a renovation to downtown Miller's Creek, Dani's suspicious behavior brings his built-in lie detector to alarm-clanging alert.

Can Steve and Dani call a truce for a higher calling? Will romance blossom in Miller's Creek? And will Dani ever find true home? Written with the feel of Mayberry and the Mitford series, readers have fallen in love with Miller's Creek. If you enjoy Christian contemporary romance and inspirational women's fiction, don't miss this feel-good novel. Get your copy today.

I absolutely loved this book! They made the perfect couple. Both stubborn and bullheaded and the humor between them was really magical. I am anxious to read the next Miller's Creek book and highly recommend Texas Roads for Christian fiction readers. Each story shares the struggles and triumphs of a sister as they deal with their faith, the bonds of family and love!

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Home Is Where the Heart Is: Will's Story Coming Home: Lily's story A Home for Christmas: Rose's story A Christian romance novella available October Don't miss out on these inspirational love stories of faith, family and romance. It was something she would never forgive herself for… Jessi hung up the phone. That was the fifth time she tried calling home with no answer.

She had just started eating lunch when she remembered she had forgotten to call home. She tried calling several times while she ate her lunch. She closed her eyes and rested her arms and head on her desk. She breathed deeply, wishing she had remembered to call earlier.

I'm screwed. And banging Mia Doyle is my best defense.

Until Forever is a story of a young family that is torn apart by the devastating effects of alcoholism. Will Jessi's pain and Mark's guilt keep them apart forever, or will unforeseen circumstances bind them together? Can healing take place in a relationship when an unforgivable act is committed? A wacky hairstylist on a mission for God, the cowboy thrown into keeping her out of trouble, watching this unlikely couple fall in love is pure fun!

Dream With Me, Cowboy is book 1 of an addictively fun Christian romance series! Hairstylist Lacy Brown believes love is in the air and the hair when she drives her ancient pink convertible into town and joins forces with three matchmakers who've started a national "wives wanted" ad campaign to save their dying town.

But she's not looking for love From the moment rancher Clint Matlock and Lacy Brown collide the unpredictable spitfire turns his life upside down and suddenly he's having trouble keeping his mind on stopping rustlers If you like fast paced, well-written romance with loveable characters you'll love this series! These stories will be etched into your heart forever! Like a bag of chips-you can't read just one! A Christian Contemporary Western Romance series. Inspirational Novels that will make you smile. Previously published as the Mule Hollow series.

This enhanced edition includes some fun extras. Couldn't put it down! Debra gives readers what they want. I've read every book Debra Clopton has written and as usual I couldn't put this one down! To Robin Bartlett, men were nothing more than violent users. After a hair-raising childhood, Robin and her two younger half sisters battled simply to survive.

Determined to give her sisters a very different life from that of their mother; to never have to rely on a man for anything, she worked two jobs and put them both through college, while accepting help from no one. Her heart had turned to ice and she had no use for men or God. Antonio "Tony" Viscolli had grown up on the streets, homeless. At seventeen, he entered a downtown church with the intent of casing it, but found himself on his knees at the alter.

After being fostered by the youth minister, Tony followed God's leading and eventually became a very successful and powerful businessman. In a fallen world, he was a gem. When Tony bought the restaurant where Robin bartended, she immediately resented his intrusion into her well ordered, but exhausting, life. She suspected his offering her special attention and constant kindness was merely his way of expecting something from her in return, something she wasn't willing to give. Tony knew God had led him to Robin. Would she ever allow herself to trust him? Could she ever allow herself to trust God?

Or would the winter of their tragic youth rise from the shadows of the past and freeze any chance at happiness? Ava Kingsley and Seth Walker might be the most unlikely friends ever. The only thing these two polar opposites have in common is a knack for wordsmithing. At their ten-year college reunion, they pick up right where they left off. Except this time their squabbling leads to a surprising turn: So when Ava approaches a crossroads in her athletics department career in Minnesota, Seth is quick to offer the open apartment above the restaurant he's been remodeling in Maple Valley, Iowa.

Ava doesn't know where her career will lead her next, but she's starting to suspect she might see Seth as more than a pen pal. Which would be exciting As Maple Valley grows on her, Ava wonders if there might be something here for her even though Seth is unavailable. And maybe, just maybe, after all the words the two of them have exchanged over the years, they'll finally be able to say the three that matter most. Three Little Words is an e-only novella that gives an exciting introduction to Melissa Tagg's new series about the charismatic Walker family and the endearing town of Maple Valley!

From this bestselling page turner series comes a Christian romantic suspense novel about treachery, betrayal, and justice redeemed by grace. A justice-seeking small town girl and new attorney dreams of a perfect life. So Gracie is far from happy when her far-from-perfect former boyfriend shows up unannounced. Disillusioned by life as a defense lawyer, she goes to work for the prosecution.

But things are not as they appear.

Unsure of who to trust, she launches her own covert investigation. Then she falls prey to the schemes of a master manipulator and is unwittingly caught in the cross-fire of a personal vendetta. In a heartbeat, her perfect dreams disintegrate in a heap of ashes. A free-spirited musician returns to Miller's Creek to see if the only woman he's ever loved will want him now that she's out of law school.

But Matt can't compete with Gracie's picture-perfect ideal man and decides to hits the road on a concert tour instead. Can Matt make it back to Miller's Creek in time to protect Gracie when her pursuit of justice lands her in danger? Will Gracie become the fall girl for those bent on her destruction? And can she bestow sacrificial grace on even her enemies--especially in the face of life-altering tragedy?

Written with the feel of Mitford and Mayberry, readers have fallen in love with Miller's Creek. Grab your copy of this heart-pounding courtroom legal thriller now. With vivid and interesting characters, some strange twists and turns, and blessings behind difficulties, The Way of Grace was a great read. I was caught up with Gracie and her story, and the end of the book came too soon for me. There were times, I could not put the book down as it had me hanging onto my seat. Grace is in the title of the book and is a major theme of the book. Woven throughout the book amid dialogue and interactions, the message of grace came through loud and clear, and in a non-preachy way.

You have helped me see a little more clearly and prayerfully, I will choose to live my life full of grace and mercy and extend that to others. I also found the idea of Grace and justice something to consider in a new way. I laughed and cried throughout the whole story. Online dating was supposed to make life easier. Lia Promise is a nurse who enjoys the fast pace of the ER. She decides to take matters into her own hands with online dating.

That ought to speed things up, right? When his long-time friend Lia asks for moral support — which means joining her in the world of online dating - he agrees. What could possibly go wrong? Lia and Maverick meet regularly to tell each other about their horrible dates. After all, misery loves company. After the death of his wife, prosperous businessman Chance Boden heads west along the Santa Fe Trail with his son to escape the powerful control of his in-laws.

He has plans to establish his own ranch, but instead he finds work with Frank Chastain, owner of a vast amount of land. Chance doesn't want to work for anyone, but Frank's beautiful daughter, Veronica, gives him reason to delay buying his own holdings. With winter coming, no home in which to live, and Veronica's offer to care for young Cole while Chance learns the ways of ranching in the desert, Chance has little choice but to accept the Chastains' offer to stay on. When Frank is attacked, his last wish is that Chance marry his daughter, but after dealing with his in-laws, Chance doesn't want anyone coming between him and his son.

Then, before Frank dies, his precarious hold on the land he received as part of an old Spanish Land Grant forces him to make a desperate choice to save Veronica's inheritance--and also gives the men who attacked Frank a reason to come after his legacy. What do you do when the pain of your past leaves you feeling so unworthy, that any hope of a future crumbles right before your eyes? Even before she reaches her destination, Nathan McKinley sets up a roadblock to her plan.

His charming and gentle personality is no match for her love-starved heart. Can Nathan help her hold on to her new relationship with God, or will she allow her dark and troubled past to pluck out the tiny bud of hope that is beginning to blossom within her heart? On a moonless night in , Adela McGirth encounters a set of wolves and the steely eyed warrior who slays them, searing himself on her heart. When he returns, it's with a brand of a different sort--the flaming arrow that destroys her life.

If you love sagas that are deep and bold and aren't afraid to take their time unfolding, this is the one for you. Each of its books can stand alone. Bitter Eyes No More 5. Love the War Woman coming Feb 6. Her only escape from the arrangement is to find another husband quick, so she concocts a desperate plan and agrees to become a mail order bride. When a drastic change in circumstances dumps her into the arms of Hal Grayson, a handsome grieving man who hates her family, she is forced to rethink her hastily made plan. What more could a reader want from a book.

Love that seemed impossible, became something that makes tears come to your eyes and a smile to your lips. I read it in two days and will read the rest of the series. You can feel the pain and sorrow that a war can bring a family and love heals. A plucky city girl. Romance in cowboy country. When a crisis cripples the ranch, stern cowboy Jett Maddox is suddenly promoted to foreman.

Just in time for the fall cattle drive. Except for the new spitfire cook who is way too soft for wild country. City-girl Marlee Donovan knows failure. As Marlee struggles with the hardships of life in the west, Jett finds himself falling for her. And Marlee is drawn to the unexpected soft side of the gruff cowboy. If you like books by Janet Tronstad, Brenda Minton, and Lucy McConnell, then you'll love this touching story and its quaint little town. Saddle up and start this sweet adventure love story today! From USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson come 10 clean and wholesome, sweet and inspirational contemporary Christian romances set on the beaches of Tybee Island and in the city of Savannah, Georgia, two of the most romantic coastal towns in the world.

Welcome to Savannah, Georgia, in the multicultural new south! Against a backdrop of ocean, sand, and sun, these inspirational romances showcase aspects of the human need for God and for one another. When Heidi Wei becomes his strongest supporter in his church-planting ministry, how does Diego show his feelings for her without giving her the wrong idea?

Does she see him as potential husband material or just the pastor of their church? Yet every time they are together, something happens between them. Have they moved beyond the platonic relationship they have enjoyed all these years to something more personal? Being in love while growing a new church is difficult for him to juggle. Which path is more important?

Which one should he focus on? Have some tea, settle on a comfortable reading chair, and enjoy these sweet celebrations of faith, hope, and love in Jesus Christ. Know You More Book 2: Tell You Soon Book 3: Draw You Near Book 4: Cherish You So Book 5: Walk You There Book 6: Love You Always Book 7: Kiss You Now Book 8: Find You Again Book 9: Wish You Joy Book Fans will recognize familiar faces from Riverside Chapel.

In fact, we might visit old friends and beloved families there from time to time. Smile for Me Book 2: Reach for Me Book 3: Wait for Me Book 4: Look for Me Book 5: Share with Me Book 2: Step with Me Book 3: Is there sin that love can't cover? Lydia Brown has taken just about every wrong turn she could find. When an abortion leaves her overwhelmed by guilt, she turns to drugs to escape her pain. After a single car accident lands her in the hospital facing DUI charges, Lydia is forced to reevaluate her choices.

Kevin McGregor has been biding his time since high school when he heard God tell him that Lydia Brown was the woman he would marry. In the aftermath of Lydia's accident, Kevin must come to grips with the truth about her secret life. While Kevin works to convince himself and God that loving Lydia is a mistake, Lydia struggles to accept the feelings she has for Kevin, though she fears her sin may be too much for anyone to forgive.

Contemporary Christian Romantic-Suspense Newspaper reporter Dana Chandler's life is full of "big brothers" without a romantic notion in the bunch. She's watched Alan Richards from across the courtroom for years, admiring him first as a prosecutor for three years then as a judge for the past year. In fact, she spends more time at the courthouse than her office. He's compassionate but thorough, fair but strict. Feared by criminals, he seeks justice for victims of violent crime, a fact she appreciates for her own reasons. When an old friend is accused of murder, Dana believes he's been set up.

She won't allow that to be done to an innocent man, especially the one who saved her life years ago, but the case reminds her of how much she hates puzzles. Then help comes from unexpected quarters, including the judge she's long admired. That's all she needs - another "big brother. Not even her name. She's been his constant, at least in the courtroom, for four years, but he still doesn't know anything about her. Finally, God opens the door for them to meet. As the danger for Dana grows, Alan devises an unconventional plan The job is an answer to many prayers.

Blind herself, Emma dreams of independence and freedom away from her overprotective family. Good soldiers show no weakness. Ian MacGregor holds his battle with claustrophobia close to his chest, unsuccessfully trying to cope on his own. Ian knows duty, honor, serving his country. So why is he being punished with this very personalized hell? As Ian struggles to strong-arm his phobia, his growing feelings for Emma are overshadowed by the danger lurking around them.

Emma would be better off with someone else. Someone able to protect her from the person determined to keep them apart A brand new series of inspirational romance The Murrells Inlet Miracles series: It'll make you cry. But most of all, it'll make you feel good. Bad boys make good neighbors. On the run and out of options, a desperate Ali Ross knows two things for sure Her ugly past will eventually catch up to her. And when it does, she'll need a strong and loyal man to help her face the danger head on or risk losing everything. Looking for love and having no luck, former Army Ranger Sam Gleeson knows two things for sure His mysterious new neighbor is wreaking havoc on his heart.

And her sweet and seductive charm is playing a captivating game with his head. Hiding from a violent ex-husband, Ali knows the law can't help her. She also knows someone like Sam can. Fearing for her life, she hatches an impulsive plan that's as old as time. She's willing to do whatever it takes to ensure her safety, and that includes doing the sexy soldier next door. But when their searing chemistry blazes red hot, will Ali's hidden agenda burn them both? Or will Sam be the only victim? Matt's always known what it was like to live on the high end of society, and where his brother and father love it A creative at heart, he's forced into the world of Accounting to help stand beside the family name and build an empire from the ground up.

His true passion is art, life and love. He's a bit docile in public, and often plays the fool, but something tells her that a very different man exists just beneath the surface. She's willing to wager her career by taking Matt beneath her wing, and hopefully to her bed. There is a cliffhanger, and book two will be out in 3 months, as will each subsequent novel.

Fighting deep prejudice against her femininity, her choice of vehicle, and even her heritage, Camara Cole is determined to win the mud-bog racing championship this year. Her biggest competition seems also to be her worst enemy. Chase Lamar has been racing mud-boggers as long as Camara, and he grudgingly admits she's the best driver-mechanic he knows.