Creating Peace by Being Peace: The Essene Sevenfold Path

Creating Peace by Being Peace
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source Yet even these drifting elements of thought can create powerful forces that go through and through the feeling body and the acting body, interpenetrating every atom and cell, throwing every particle of them into vibration. From these vibrations radiations go out that are harmonious or inharmonious according to the nature of the thought. If man fails to become consciously aware of the Law, he deviates from it unknowingly for he is surrounded by fields of inharmonious forces prompting him to deviations.

These deviations create all the imperfections in his world, all the limitations and negations in his thoughts and feelings and physical well-being, in his environment, in society and the entire planet. Every time man creates or accepts an inferior thought, he is accepting an inferior force into his world.

The inferior force, according to the strength of the thought, reacts on his feeling body. This sets up an emotional disequilibrium in his feeling body, which in tum reacts on his physical body. This disequilibrium automatically causes further deviations, further inharmonies, further diseases in the feeling and acting bodies. And these inharmonies, these diseases, create an inharmonious atmosphere around the individual which affects the thinking, feeling and acting bodies of all othcrs who are not conscious of the Law and do not know how to protect themselves from receiving all those inferior thoughts created by the individual's single deviation in thought.

So every individual who has an inferior thought, a limiting, negative or inharmonious thought, starts a chain reaction of deviations which spreads throughout the planet and the planetary worlds, causing even further deviations, negations, limitations and inharmonies. This inharmony is contagious ' just as many diseases are contagious. But the great Essene masters taught man how to prevent these waves of inharmony, riglit at their source, before the first inharmonious thought is created.

They taught man the right way of thinking, the way of never deviating from the Law, never receiving or accepting into the consciousness any thought less than perfection. These great masters also taught that man is free to work with the Law if he so desires, creating ever increasing harmony and perfection in his world and in the world outside of himself.

Man continually tries to evolve ways to better the conditions in which he lives. But he does this too often without regard for the Law. He seeks peace and harmony by material means, technical evolution, economic systems, not knowing that the conditions of inharmony which he himself has brought into being can never be remedied by material means. The ocean of suffering and inharmony humanity has created can only be destroyed when mankind sets into motion the law of harmony in his thinking body.

Only through complete cooperation with the Law can peace and harmony be brought to the planet. This is the teaching of the ancient Essenes in regard to peace with the mind.

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The Essene Sevenfold Path psychotherapy, and spirituality, Creating Peace by Being Peace guides readers in creating peace on seven levels of engagement. Creating Peace by Being Peace: The Essene Sevenfold Path [Gabriel Cousens M.D.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Representing a.

III - Peace With the Family The third peace of the Essenes, peace with the family, concerns harmony in the feeling body, harmony in the emotions. By the term family the Essenes meant those in the individual's immediate environment, the people he contacts in his daily life and thought, his family, relatives, friends and associates. According to the Essene tradition harmony with these people depends upon the feeling body. The natural function of the feeling body is to express love. Mankind has been told this over and over again by the great Masters, Jesus, Buddha, Zoroaster, Moses and the Prophets.

He has been given the law that he should love his Creator with all his thinking, feeling and acting bodies. Life in all its spheres, aspects and manifestations is the demonstration of creative love.

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Divine love is a great cosmic power, a cosmic function. It is the law of all man's bodies, but it is expressed most powerfully through the feeling body. The feeling body consists of all the currents of feeling and emotions an individual experiences and sends out into the atmosphere about him.

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Every feeling and emotion created by an individual becomes a part of the feeling atmosphere of earth, setting up a resonance of co-vibration with all similar feelings in the earth's atmosphere. If an inferior feeling is sent out, its creator is immediately tuned in to all the similar inferior feelings in the earth's feeling body. He thus opens the gate to a flood of destructive power which rushes in and seizes control of his feelings, and often of his mind, amplifying his own low feelings just as a loud speaker amplifies or intensifies sound.

This destructive force directly affects the individual's physical body. It affects the functioning of the endocrine glands and the whole glandular system. It produces disease cells that lower vitality, shorten life and result in unlimited suffering. It is thus not surprising that statistics of nervous disorders and other diseases are so appalling in spite of all the hospitals, sanitariums, medical organizations, laboratories and the progress of hygiene and medicine.

Through his feeling body man has become an autointoxicating automaton, because of his deviation from the law, his acting without knowledge of the law, against it instead of with it. The Essenes knew that there is a great deal of inharmony in the feeling body of almost everyone. By studying the feeling bodies of babies and primitive man they learned why. The feeling body of a baby first registers the manisfestations of the infant's primitive instinct of self-preservation.

This instinct arouses three fundamental emotions: Fear arises from a sudden movement or noise; anger from Interference with the baby's freedom; love from the satisfaction of its hunger and needs. Fear and anger are inferior feelings; the love feeling, while superior, in the baby is rudimentary. The baby's feeling body is a volcano of emotions, most of which are inferior. Its thinking body has not begun to function. A primitive man has a similar feeling body. His emotions, likewise centered around the instinct of self preservation, are a powerful force completely dominating his embryonic thinking body.

In both child and primitive man the feeling body develops long before the thinking body. This is necessary to protect the physical body from danger and so preserve its life. The instinct of self-preservation is a law of nature. Acting under it is in entire harmony with the law until man has evolved the power to think and reason his way out of danger.

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  • Creating Peace by Being Peace: The Essene Sevenfold Path.
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But because feeling has functioned for so much longer a period of time than thinking, it tends to dominate thought even after the child is grown and the primitive man has become civilized. In the mass of mankind today the feeling body rules the thinking body. This is the cause of man's first deviation from the law. Through the power of thought man can handle every situation in his life more adequately than through unthinking emotion. But the actions of most people are far more often the expression of impulses in the feeling body than of reasoned thought.

This results in a tremendous imbalance in his bodies. Because adult civilized man has evolved to the point where he has the ability to think, thought should govern his actions. When he permits them to be controlled by emotion and feeling, as they were dominated in infancy, he throws all his powers out of rhythm, out of harmony. This creates a regressive psychological condition in his whole existence. His deeds and actions as a consequence remain self-centered and egoistic like those of a child or primitive man.

But when he is no longer a savage or a child, he deviates from the law if he acts as a child or primitive man. His instinctive impulses can only serve evolutionary progress when controlled by the thinking faculties. Nature has given man the capacity to think so he may be able to understand its laws and direct his life in harmony with them.

Man can reach a far higher degree of evolution through thinking than through living by instinct.

Creating Peace by Being Peace: The Essene Sevenfold Path by Gabriel Cousens

So when he continues to let his feeling body be the dominating power in his actions, he not only retards his own evolution but that of the planet. If he makes no effort to understand the law but neglects it and consequently lacks knowledge of it, he has to create his own laws, small artificial laws, of self-centeredness and egoism; and these cause walls of separation between himself and the rest of the human family, between himself and nature and between himself and the Great Law, the Creator.

Man's first deviation from the law through the feeling body starts the long chain of deviations which cause all human inharmony and suffering on earth. All the great teachers of humanity through thousands of years have warned man of the consequences of deviation from the law of the feeling body. Buddha pointed out how it results in suffering, suffering for the individual and suffering for humanity.

The Essenes showed that the feeling body can be the most powerful instrument for the production of health, vitality and happiness, and that through its right functioning in expressing love, man can create the kingdom of heaven in and around himself and the whole human family.

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The Essene peace with the family is the Great Law in its expression of men's love toward one another, a law revealed to little children but often hidden from the minds of men. IV - Peace With Humanity The fourth peace of the Essenes referred to harmony between groups of people, to social and economic peace.

Mankind has never enjoyed social peace in any age in history. Man has always exploited man economically, oppressed him politically, suppressed him by military force. The Essenes knew these injustices were caused by deviations from the law. The very same deviations that produce inharmony in man's personal life, in his acting, thinking and feeling bodies, produce wealth and poverty, masters and slaves, social unrest. The Essenes regarded both riches and poverty to be the result of deviations from the law.

Great wealth, they considered, is concentrated into the hands of the few because of man's exploitation of man, in one way or another. This has caused misery for both suppressor and suppressed. The many feel hatred and its kindred destructive emotions. This produces fear in the hearts of the exploiters, fear of revolt, fear of losing their possessions, even their lives. Poverty was held to be an equal deviation from the law. A man is poor because of wrong attitudes of thinking, feeling and acting.

He is ignorant of the law and fails to work with the law.

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The Essenes considered Divine Law to be the sum total of all the laws governing all manifestations of the forces of nature and the cosmos. It is the foundation of all economic systems, of all social relationships between groups of people. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Keithasaurus rated it it was amazing Feb 02, Author Gabriel Cousens addresses the increasingly urgent need to transform humankind with the ancient peace wisdom of the Essenes, a Judaic mystical group that flourished two millennia ago.

The Essenes showed that there is an abundance for everyone of all that a man needs for his use and happiness. Limitations and over-abundance are both artificial states, deviations from the law. They produce the vicious circle of fear and revolt, a permanent atmosphere of inharmony, affecting the thinking, feeling and acting bodies of both rich and poor, continually creating a state of unrest, war and chaos. This has been the condition throughout recorded history. The rich and the poor alike suffer the consequences of their deviations.

The Essenes knew there was no escape from this circle of oppression, hatreds and violence, wars and revolutions, except through changing the ignorance of the individuals in the world. They knew it takes a long time for an individual to change his ideas, thinking and habits and learn to cooperate with the law. The individual himself has to do the changing; nobody else can do it for him. But a higher and higher understanding of the law can be brought about gradually, the Essenes believed, through teaching and example. They taught a quite opposite way of existence from either poverty or great wealth.

They demonstrated in their daily lives that if man lives according to the law, seeks to understand the law and consciously cooperates with it, he will know no lack. He will be able to maintain an all-sided harmony in every act and thought and feeling, and he will find his every need fulfilled.

BY Gabriel Cousens, MD

The solution which the Essenes offered for economic and social harmony can be applied in every age, the present as well as the past. It contained four factors: The Essenes withdrew from the inharmony of cities and towns and formed brotherhoods on the shores of lakes and rivers where they could live and work in obedience to the law. They established there economic and social systems based wholly on the law. No rich and no poor were in their brotherhoods.

No one had need of anything he did not have; and no one had an excess of things he could not use. They considered one condition as deteriorating as the other. They demonstrated to humanity that man's daily bread, his food and all his material needs can be acquired without struggle through the knowledge of the law. Strict rules and regulations were unnecessary for all lived in accord with the law. Order, efficiency and individual freedom existed side by side.

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The Essenes were extremely practical as well as highly spiritual and intellectual. They took no part in politics and adhered to no political factions, knowing that neither political or military means could change man's chaotic condition. They showed by concrete example that exploitation and oppression of others were completely unnecessary. Many economic and social historians have considered the Essenes the world's first social reformers on a comprehensive scale. Their brotherhoods were partly cooperative. Each member of the group had his own small house and a garden large enough for him to grow whatever he especially desired.

But he also took part in communal activities wherever his service might be needed, such as in the pasturing of animals, planting and harvesting of crops most economically grown on an extensive basis. They had great agricultural proficiency, a thorough knowledge of plant life, soil and climatic conditions. In comparatively desert areas they produced a large variety of fruits and vegetables of the highest quality and in such abundance they periodically had a surplus to distribute to the needy. Their scientific knowledge was such that they could do all of this in a comparatively few hours each day, leaving ample time for their studies and spiritual practices.

Nature was their Bible. They considered gardening educational, a key to the understanding of the entire universe, revealing all its laws, even as does the acting body. They read and studied the great book of nature throughout their lives, in all their brotherhoods, as an inexhaustible source of knowledge, as well as of energy and harmony.

When they dug in their gardens and tended their plantings they held communion with the growing things, the trees, sun, soil, rain. From all of these forces they received their education, their pleasure and their recreation. One of the reasons for their great success was this attitude toward their work.

They did not consider it as work but as a means of studying the forces and laws of nature. It was in this that their economic system differed from all others. The vegetables and fruits they produced were only the incidental results of their activities; their real reward was in the knowledge, harmony and vitality they gained to enrich their lives.

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Cousens has done a lot of good in this world. This book is an extension of that. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. One of many of Rabbi Cousens' insightful books. All of them are great. One person found this helpful. I was so into reading it that I didn't realize It was the second time reading it.

It was that Positive and Enjoyable. This book was disappointing and a waste of money. Anyone who professes to know what he knows shouldn't go on and on in detail all the ills in the world. He perpetuated them when he thought them, wrote them and everyone who reads this book will pick up where he left off. It's got some good ideas, don't know if I would say its worth reading or not. If you want to live longer seems wise to l.

See all 19 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published on May 25, Published on May 17, There were no rich or poor among them because of the alignment of their economics, lifestyle, and society with Divine Law. The Essenes considered Divine Law to be the sum total of all the laws governing all manifestations of the forces of nature and the cosmos.

In accordance with their sense of Divine Law, the Essenes had no slaves and were said to be the first society to condemn slavery both in theory and practice.

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The Essenes were vegetarians; they avoided any form of alcohol except ceremonial wine; and they daily fed their bodies, minds, and souls with contemplation of the earthly and cosmic forces that they poetically called angels. They also worked with the traditional Kabbalistic ten levels of sephirotic energies of the Tree of Life.