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The writing was of such high quality in every aspect; the characters were unique and developed, the action scenes were tense and heart pounding, and the emotional moments were deeply felt by all. The best way I know how to sum up just what this book meant to me is this: Children Of Blood And Bone felt like a story so great that I was unworthy of reading it, but the author writes in such a genuine and inclusive manner that it's like she grabbed me around the shoulder and said "Come on in, you're welcome in my world".

It's difficult to put into words just how important this book is. Sure, you can write it off and say "It's just YA fantasy", but it was so much more than that. This was an allegory of the lifetime of struggles, pain, and oppression that POC have experienced in exchange for simply breathing, something my privilege hasn't allowed me to experience.

I'm just so grateful that Tomi Adeyemi was able to put pen to paper and share this struggle in a way that people of any race could learn about. If you haven't read this one yet and choose to do so, be sure to read the author's note and acknowledgements afterward; I dare you not to cry.

Among the Hidden

To say I'm eagerly anticipating the sequel would be the largest understatement of the year, but there it is. View all 36 comments. I had already pre-ordered it and wanted to try it again, so I grabbed my finished copy off the shelf in May and read the rest of it over the span of a few days.

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Dec 14, Renee Armitage rated it it was amazing. When Luke's farmland is bought to be turned into a neighborhood of barons, Luke takes interest to watching out of his attic vents. Seriously, the amount of times he said that was just… annoying. Higgins Mister Max by Cynthia Voight. Precocious orphan Anne ends up with elder brother and sister Marilla and Matthew by mistake, but they decide to keep her anyway. Mixed feelings, this one. Honestly, I don't know how to review this book.

Valor does not always shine. I really thought this would be one of my top reads of the year, so you can imagine how difficult it is for me to say that I think it suffered from quite a bit of over-hyping. This entire novel would have benefited tremendously from being romance-free, but instead we got this very awkward, uncomfortable pairing that I saw coming from the first page and found myself cringing, waiting for it to happen, until it finally did.

Will I rush to continue the series? Will I be in the movie theatres supporting the hell out of this adaptation, though? You can find this review and more on my blog , or you can follow me on twitter , bookstagram , or facebook! View all 41 comments. Do your shelves and soul a favour is all I'm saying. Honestly, I don't know how to review this book. My emotions are everywhere at the moment and as much as I wanted to write something comprehensive, I doubt that'll happen. Like the author has stated, this is a story inspired by her West-African heritage, which seeps through the writing and the world and the atmosphere she creates.

It's an all black cast of characters. Let's take a moment. It's rare, if ever barely seen. And even if it's out there, those stories do not get the same type of exposure as books with an all-white cast of characters. And the fact that this book was an insight into her world and that it is so hyped now, makes me so goddamn elated. It was a shock in the best way possible.

Since it did surprise me, I reflected on myself and the books that I've read since I was a child. I think it goes to show how I, as a reader, have become accustomed to seeing white characters, the white narrative to the point where if characters of different backgrounds are included, it stands out and is notable. I hope for the day diversity becomes the norm in novels and is celebrated in our world.

Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Thankfully, the publishing world is slowly changing as well. Books like these absolutely need to be supported and published more and become more accessible to readers, especially in this current climate, where empathy should be a more common trait. Books like these expose us to other worlds, other faiths and races, general differences that exist within us, and reinforces the idea that difference is good.

Difference is what this world is about and what should be accepted, without any qualms. As for the story, it is heavily political, focusing on themes of class, race, oppression, privilege and police brutality and she does not shy away from violence. I love that Adeyemi did that; write a YA fantasy novel that looks at our modern reality and infuse those issues in a story, giving readers a glimpse into the reality of being black or a minority.

The magic was fantastic and ridiculously fascinating. Rather than expanding on it, I'll leave it out for you to find out. The plot was deliciously fast-paced and had me on the edge of my seat, especially towards the end of the book. I was excited to pick the book up each time I put it down. It was an avalanche-style-Sanderson ending, which was so glorious to read. I'm so excited to see how this story will develop.

Bring on book 2! Well, damn those last pages or so were literally explosive. The hype is real and justified. View all 28 comments. Jul 24, Sana rated it it was amazing Shelves: I'm so surprised by how fast I finished this. This was such a good ASS book. This book is fucking amazing and deserves all the hype it's getting!! I found myself getting attached to these characters so quick and literally on the edge of my seat because everything is so action packed and intense and death can happen to anyone at any fucking time in this book jfc.

Though this is a fantasy novel, the society in this world is very similar to ours. Every character in this book is black. Dark skinned people in this book are treated so horribly and called nasty slurs every day, while the lighter skinned people including the royals will do anything to stay light. They don't go out because then they'll be exposed to the sun which will make them darker and even go as far as putting powder on themselves to stay light.

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It shows the every day racism dark skinned people go through. Their customs, tradition, language, food, religion and festivals were so beautiful and interesting to read about. I was fucking heart eyes at the writing throughout the entire book. Also, this book is so brutal and ruthless. There is violence like, literally everywhere. A lot of blood is spilled. There's a lot of gore, so please keep this in mind if these types of things bother you. I, personally, loved it. What I love about her is that she's not a perfect Mary Sue and accepts her fear of messing up, but she made some terrible choices that got her into so much trouble.

She gets so many people killed and puts her family in so much danger. I literally wanted to scream at her to just fucking listen to Tzain and not attract attention. I feel really meh towards her. I don't hate her, but I really don't care if she dies either, you know what I mean? She's such a sweet and kind character. I want to protect her from every bad thing on this planet and give her cookies or something. She's always expected to be a perfect lady at the palace and considered weak by her father for not being able to being herself to strike someone with a sword.

And at the end, she's a fucking Lioness. She goes through so much and is able to defend and find her strength, while remaining kind and loving. Alkdskjsvbqdgq, I fucking love Amari. He is constantly torn between right and wrong: He is always pressured to please his father and do what it best for his kingdom, sacrificing anything and everything if it means good for his kingdom.

I really felt heartbroken over what he was going through and just wanted to give this poor kid a smoothie or somethin'. He's so clever, loving and precious. He's always watching out for her and wants to protect her from harm. These four characters are the main characters and they all have POV's except for Tzain. I really hope we get a POV from him in the next books because I really love him!!! What piece of fucking shit, this dude oh my god. I fucking hate him. He's a horrible parent and leader and whenever he popped up, I hoped he died. He's so cruel, even to his own family and just an absolute shithead.

Overall, this book is fantastic and important. I loved it from beginning to end and was so surprised by how much I loved it. Definitely one of my favorite books of I can't wait for the other books in the trilogy to be released. This ending was absolute hell. This is going to be EPIC. Buddy read with the gang: Rae , Nadhira , Danielle , and Scrill Feb 18, Sabrina The Trash Queen rated it it was amazing.

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This book was everything that I was hoping for and more. At the same time, they are very alike, they are very different. All of the characters at the same time are strong yet feel more them they should, they fight for something worth it of death in the way. The interaction between them is so fun and amazing!!! They are so strong and badass. Kill her, I remind myself. They all are, to be honest. The development the characters had, to become what they needed to, is beautiful and realistic.

It was a slow process, but such a good one. I liked almost all of the side characters, except the ridiculous and freaking unnecessary King, he can burn and burn. I lived for the funny moments in this book, because to much happen and I needed a break to be able to catch my breath. I need the sequel at this exact moment. I wanted to love it, too. The diverse cast of characters, a land of magic, themes of revenge, and fantasy all gripped me. I thought I would find a new favourite. There were definitely some positives, and I will be picking up the sequel. Kobe Bryant and Usher have read this book.

I have nothing but respect for Adeyemi, though, because she's such a queen for bringing a POC cast, and she's getting so much positive feedback for it! When fate entwines her with Princess Amari, the very daughter of the king who stole her people's magic, she sets off on a journey to restore it once and for all.

I found… not a Lada Dracul 2. You know those characters that you scream at in your head? That make you want to physically throw the book against the wall? She was the main reason why I disliked this book so much. She consistently made horrible decisions, and it was always others that had to pay for her utter lack of logic. Honestly, I just think I failed to connect with the character itself.

Child Finder

I could care less what happened to her. Rather, it was the general theme and connection to the Black Lives Matter movement. I hated how entitled she felt. All in all… there was nothing to love about her. Primarily near the end though, Amari really pulled through as a character. Initially, she was the type of character that you yell at: Also, her connection with Binta seemed really dark.

Your typical "princess turned rebel", but if Tzain likes her, I like her. INAN Duty before self. Seriously, the amount of times he said that was just… annoying. In the beginning, his POV was the most interesting to read about. The struggles he had within himself and the discoveries he made were intriguing and one of the best parts of the book.

While mostly everything else in this book was irrational, Tzain was logical. Unlike his crazy, childish sister. Tzain was such a sweetheart from the beginning. So much love for him. It was something so special and wonderful and by an ownvoices author, and that made this book much better. I finished reading this at 4am all you suhoor people know why I was awake at that time and the note almost made me cry. It made me appreciate the book a lot more, despite the fact that it was still… a two star read. It made me wish like nothing else that my feelings towards the book would change, but here I am.

They had no chemistry, no connection whatsoever.

recent reads #2 (2018)

Is this the issue here? It seemed as though there was always a solution present for our wonderful protagonists. I mean, it was an aspect that I loved, but the other things brought down my rating considerably. I just want to say though, I love Tomi Adeyemi so much. I follow her on Instagram, Twitter and just admire her so much as a person. So it really breaks my heart to not love her books, but you know… let me hit you with another cheesy saying maybe the best is yet to come! View all 46 comments.

Nov 11, Korrina OwlCrate rated it it was amazing. I absolutely adored the magic system in this story, and loved the visuals I imagined while reading. I really do hope this becomes a movie on the big screen, because it would be so epic! View all 7 comments. Mar 11, Ben Alderson rated it it was amazing. All you need to know from this review is Apr 11, Christian rated it it was ok Shelves: It doesn't happen too often that I actually, really dislike a book.

And I still can't really express how sad I am about the fact that it had to happen with this one. Initially, I was wary about Children of Blood and Bone. Apart from the West-African mythology aspect, it didn't sound like it was bringing anything new to the table, and as someone who primarily reads fantasy, it's pretty hard at this point to find a truly unique story. But when more and more over-the-moon, positive reviews came flo It doesn't happen too often that I actually, really dislike a book.

But when more and more over-the-moon, positive reviews came flooding in, I suddenly got immensely excited to pick it up myself and see what the hype is about, so excited that, in truth, I was expecting to have a new favorite on my hands. Well - I was wrong. The book started out very promising, with certain elements that are probably the only redeeming qualities for me. For one, the whole concept of the magical system with its different clans and the horrific oppression of an entire group of people was, in itself, not necessarily new, but due to the mythology influences, everything had such a fresh glow, and ultimately, even though it fell flat for me, I cannot put into words how happy it makes me that this high fantasy novel full of POC exists and is loved by such a broad audience.

For instance, even though she starts out being all for the restoration of magic, throughout the journey she comes across obstacles that make her resolve crumble a little, that make her doubt that there is any peace to ultimately come from it. Whereas the entire plan felt a bit one-dimensional in the beginning, it was suddenly not so easy to tell right from wrong, and if you know me, you also know that I love dubious morality and somewhat To me, everything started going downhill somewhere around the pages mark.

I suddenly noticed that I felt pretty disconnected from the characters who I initially liked and their entire adventure, because everything was just way too fast-paced for me to actually develop an emotional connection to Something was constantly happening, but it was always over so fast that I could barely figure out how I felt about what characters did or what changed their attitude toward something.

Because, oh boy, the romance. It doesn't even deserve to be called that. You see, I think what disappoints me the most is that I see so much potential. This could have easily been one of the most epic novels I've ever read. The same thing goes for the romance. Who also happens to know that Inan himself is starting to develop some magical abilities, which he's desperately trying to keep a secret, since his father would kill him on sight if he found out, so ya know, being daddy's boy and all, he really wants her dead. Because if you know me even better, then you also know that I am head over heels for the enemies-to-lovers trope, if it's well done.

And the emphasis here is definitely on that last part. In her absence, the ocean air hangs heavy. Every breath whispers her name. And it didn't stop there. It was one of the worst cases of insta-love I've ever read, worse still due to the fact that they literally wanted to wear each other's guts as necklaces about ten pages before. I was I'm coining this term in eye-rolling-hell. I was hoping for the focus to slowly move away from their "relationship" once they were separated again or for one to murder the other as a plot twist, I really just wanted them to die , but nope, all they could think about was each other for the rest of the book.

Inan's ability is to manipulate thoughts and dreams, essentially. I considered dnf'ing the book multiple times, and I've never just stopped reading a book before. It was such a struggle to pick it back up every single time. I really just wanted it to end. To top everything off, the ending was - of course - kind of cool, and I feel so cheated by it getting interesting and surprising on the last two pages, especially because I will not do another pages of annoyance to myself a second time.

I know that Amari is just gonna keep getting cooler exponentially and that she'll save the entire land one day, but I won't stick around to find out. Now that that's off my chest, I'd like to forget I ever read this so I can go back to it being all epic and breathtaking in my mind. I'm glad everyone loves this book so much, and I bet you're going to get a nice sequel, but personally, I'll just slowly leave this meeting and pretend like all this never happened. View all 49 comments. Marisol I stopped reading this book halfway through and got a refund lol. It went downhill pretty fast.

I could care less about the ending. I wasn't going to I stopped reading this book halfway through and got a refund lol. I wasn't going to torture myself by continuing to read. I feel like such the odd man out because everybody is raving about this book and I'm like dude I can't even finish it. D And I'm glad you decided not to waste your time. Uhh wow yes this was amazing. View all 5 comments. View all 13 comments.

A world where magic no longer exists, and anyone with heritage relating to those who wielded magic magi were beaten, and treated awfully by the nobles. Usually given away by their bold white hair. When in the marketplace s 3. When in the marketplace she gets caught up in some trouble with another girl and they flee. Right now I am reading the 7th book and I am loving it. If I had to rate this book, it would be a definite 5.

I recommend this book to all readers who love fiction, a bit of mystery, and things that affect a certain society or population. This book is the best book I have ever read and even the title catches my eye. To end, this book is a book everyone should read. May 14, Rebecca McNutt rated it it was amazing Shelves: The dystopian society in Among the Hidden is a frightening idea, but reading about the main character's adventures is worthwhile. Nov 21, JonathanT rated it liked it Shelves: Twisty and extremely gripping plot line that kept me up until about midnight.

But I didn't really like any of the characters all that much? That's the main reason this one's getting three stars. But it does address issues like population control, so I probably wouldn't give this to a younger reader. So I may or may not finish this series, we shall see. I just have to say, what an amazing start to a series! For the past couple of months, I've been having a hard time finding books that'll hold my interest.

But once I picked up 'Among The Hidden,' I was immediately sucked into this world well, it did have it's draggy bits, but nevertheless, I was sucked in. I can't quite explain it, but it gave me all of those Unwind feels. This isn't your average dystopian book, I feel that it can stand on its own, much like Unwind, it was very unique, but I d I just have to say, what an amazing start to a series!

This isn't your average dystopian book, I feel that it can stand on its own, much like Unwind, it was very unique, but I did have some problems with it hence the four stars and not five. Among the Hidden is set in a world where parents are only allowed to have two children. But not everyone agrees with these laws, and that's where the term "shadow children" comes into play.

We start out by meeting our main character, Luke Garner, a twelve-year-old shadow child a third child born to a family who must stay hidden at all times. Luke stays in his family's attic day in and day out until his new neighbors move in, and he realizes that maybe there are more children like him out there. So, let's get to our characters this isn't going to take long because there weren't many. First, we have our MC, Luke Garner.

I really liked Luke and how he progressed throughout the story. In the beginning, you have this boy who seems pretty content with everything. At first, Luke couldn't go outside for very long, and then it came to a point where he couldn't go out at all. As the chapters progressed "privileges" and I can't even believe that I'm calling them privileges, are slowly taken away from Luke. Privileges such as not being able to eat dinner at the same table as your family. The more the story progressed the heavier my heart felt.

It got to a point to where I wasn't even sure who to be upset with, the government for enforcing that the parents can only have two children, or the parents for subjecting their kids to this lifestyle. So, I felt bad for Luke, but as I was saying I liked watching his irritation at his circumstances slowly build within him. He realized the life he was living wasn't fair. Luke went from being a sheltered boy to possibly being the leader of a revolution. I am here for it! Next, we're introduced to the other third child who happens to be Luke's next door neighbor, "Jen" Jennifer Rose Talbot. I loved Jen so much!

She was so fierce and so passionate about what she believes in. I admire people like that, and that's exactly who Jen was. I loved how she was able to ignite a fire in Luke and make him realize that the population laws were complete bull. For one, I knew that the government would've had those children killed at the rally. I mean, they were all third children, which meant that there was no evidence of their existence, they could get away with killing them scot-free.

But I knew she would have a huge impact on him. People like that always do. What was even surprising is that she was a Baron extremely rich and yet she cared about ALL third children. Luke's mother was okay, the brothers were jerks, as all older brothers are lol jk! That's what a man gets married for.

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As I said before, I did have some problems with this book. The main problem I had was that the beginning of it dragged. I know it's completely understandable, since the author wants to you really feel what it's like in the life of a third child who has to remain hidden all the time, but it really dragged. Luke was in the attic most of the time, and if he wasn't in the attic, his dad was being unnecessarily mean, or his brothers were teasing him that didn't happen much though , or his mom was babying him.

Things didn't pick up until he met Jen. That's the only "problem" I had. I understand that sometimes the first book of a series has to start off slow so we can get a feel for the world. So the dragging wasn't THAT big of an issue. Overall, I'm loving where this story is heading, and I can't wait to read the next six books! Mar 05, Ehsan rated it it was amazing. And if they were rich they would keep on bribing people and that would make the book boring. The things I did not like are how Jen went to the rally and the government did that very cruel thing to the kids.

The most important scene of the book was when Luke di A. The most important scene of the book was when Luke discovered another third child. Luke thought that was a third child because he counted that all 28 people in the neighborhood had left. The genre of the book is science fiction 4. The setting of this book is Luke house and Jen house, it was also in the U. A were the government controls the kids. This all takes place sometime in the future. This book reminds me of the story of Anne Frank and the story of what happened to the Jews when Hitler killed thousands of Jews because he hated them.

I think the special reason someone will want to read this book is if they have a third child or are a third child because then the book will show them what could happen if they had them in a time when government controlled kids. This book does have a sequel. It is the first book in the Shadow Children series. This is the first time I read a book by the author. This book reminds me of Anne Frank because they both are hiding in attics basements and running away from the Germans.

I would recommend this book because it is very in unpredictable and very inspiring. I think this is a good book to read. Mar 28, Lisa Godfrees rated it really liked it Shelves: Anyone who has spent time around middle grade books, whether library or book fairs, has probably seen Haddix books. Margaret Peterson Haddix is a prolific author of MG fiction.

Among the Hidden is the first book of hers I have read. I selected it particularly because of its premise: Disobedience is punished by death. Luke is a third child, a shadow child. My WIP work in progress also has restrictions on child bearing due to overpopulation, like Among the Hidden. Government is God Among the Hidden is a secular novel. As such, there is no mention of God. Of course, like any human endeavor, it is prone to corruption by those who crave power.

Children being hidden away because the alternative is death. Nov 01, Ny'dea rated it it was amazing. This book had a lot of parts that made me stare into the book. The word hidden in the title has a lot to do with what occurs in the book, actually the book revolves around the word hidden. A strength in the book that I noticed was how the author put in events that where in the characters past to help give a glimpse of the character.

For example the author mentioned the main character, Luke celebrating his birthday. In this part of the story, the author tells how Luke felt when he was younger in the past to him being older in the present. She wrote in the third person when she talked about Luke daydreaming Something that people might be asking is, if the main characters are believable? The main characters are believable, because Luke is a person who is willing to take a risk to find out something. This is the same as people who take risks.

I can write myself down as someone who would take risks to try something new. The author also does an adequate job with describing, because she described what the character was wearing more than once. This book also has great details to help describe the story. I hope many others will enjoy this book. Mar 08, Janet Amaya rated it it was amazing.

What I like about this book: Luke What I like about this book: Takes place in the United States in the future where the Government is taking over everything. This book reminds me of the movie and novel, The Hunger Games, where the government controls everything and it takes place in the future. Feb 05, Skip rated it liked it Shelves: Jen is bold and wants freedom for all, trying to enlist others similarly situated in a massive protest. Luke is too scared to go along and then has to face the dire consequences of his inaction. While this is a decent adventure of sorts, with compelling social issues, I think Haddix has unnessarily year old Luke is a third child in a society where two is the limit; however, he notices signs of life in a deserted home and ventures out against all rules to find another hidden third child, Jen.

While this is a decent adventure of sorts, with compelling social issues, I think Haddix has unnessarily dumbed her writing down. Six more to read. Dec 14, Renee Armitage rated it it was amazing. The narrator and main character in this novel is Luke Garner and all he wanted is someone to talk to outside his family, he is an illegal third child that is not allowed to be seen, then when he is close to giving up he sees a someone in a widow of a seeming empty house next door, so he plans and plans to go and see who if anyone is in the house.

I loved the book I never wanted to put it down it made me laugh and cry I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. The book in my opinion is magnificently written there would only be slight changes to the ending. The main theme is to stand up for what you believe in no matter what. I think main characters should live throughout the book or book series in this case.

The way Haddix wrote this book is mystifying to me she is just brilliant with her theme although she killed a main character. I thought the book was great.

30 best book series for kids

Both my son and daughter enjoyed this series, and we all hope there will be more to come. My son loves reading and is starting the 2nd grade. We are already running out of ideas for books to read that are not really scary but are at his reading and interest level. We have read Narnia over the summer so this is a great list of what we can read next!!!

My daughter started reading the Wings of Fire series by Tui T. Sutherland in 4th grade and it is her very favorite set of books! The very best book is Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins! My 3rd grader through high schoolers love them. Gregor the Overlander is brilliantly written by Suzanne Collins! Perfect for any age! I enjoyed them as much as my 4th grader and high schooler! It has action from the first page. The sequel comes out May 30, The Redwsll series by Brian Jacques. My grandsons have enjoyed the Little House books so far.

Here are a few more: Floors trilogy by Patrick Carman. Grades 4 and up Cupboards trilogy by???? Grades 5 and up. I would like to see the Alchemyst series added. A very good series about two twin teenagers who must save the world, or destroy it with the help of wizard Nicholas Flamel. The Unwanteds by Lisa Mcmann is a 7 book must read series! Wings of Fire by Tui Sutherland. Land of Eyon by Patrick Carman. I just turned thirteen, but when I was twelve I read a book series called Eragon. It is after Harry Potter my favorite. I absolutely love the series and wish there were more like it.

If you think it sounds boring or something I am positive you will love it. My friend said I should read it so I did. Absolutely a great series and if anyone knows a series like it please inform me so I can read it. The best thing about the Land Of Stories is that it is awesome for all ages no matter if you are in 8th grade or in 3rd grade. I think you will love it! I know it was long! Wings Of Fire is a great series about a movment called the talons of peace that wan tto end a war taking place in the kingdoms.

My grandson and I have enjoyed the Unwanted series 7 books. Its a cross between Hunger Games and Harry Potter…. I survived series by Lauren Tarshis. Read every book with my 3rd grader. Have real history with a fictional story. Highly recommend for younger readers. There so many fantastic books I have loved in blog and comments thread.

I have been scribbling down recommendations and my Amazon basket is already filling up — time to complete a library search first! I have 3 little readers who have read a fair few but would recommend Katerine Rundell — Rooftoppers and The Explorer as a wonderful author to discover. Aso visit Kids Baby Club it provides the most entertaining and educational video for kids.

You will also going to enjoy it with your toddlers. Do not forget to like our page and visit our YouTube Channel. For more videos click on this link: We stumbled upon the Muzz Series, and my kids 10 and 8yo absolutely loved them. My son is 11 and in 5th grade. Only reads for 30 minutes a day because he has too. My 4th grader picked up a Pegasus book, the first one in the series. She was kinda freaked out so I read some. It was very graphic in parts. Like blood splattered on the chandelier described. Definitely not what I would recommend for 8 to 10 which were the recommended ages on the book.

I also really like these, a bit easier level than some on your list: Higgins Mister Max by Cynthia Voight. The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson is amazing! Princess Academy now has three books; the third is called The Forgotten Sisters, and is of course great.

Both series are good for boys and girls and if your boy balks at reading a book about a girl, do his future wife a favor and help him get over that. Also, the sixth Incorrigible book just came out last month. I devoured that series, and I am Also written by that author is the Imaginary Veterinarians. If you were to ask people to name the most popular book series of the recent years, most of them will surely name Harry Potter.

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Comments I suggest to add: Children are found of this serie, but adults to! Yea, how about Harry potter? There is actually a new book in the Princess Academy series! The Young Wizards series by Diane Duane 9 books. I think you should put Harry Potter in their it is awesome. Why is it so hard to find good quality books with POC. This is a 3 book series.