The Last Dragonslayer: Last Dragonslayer Book 1 (The Last Dragonslayer Series)

The Last Dragonslayer: The Chronicles of Kazam, Book 1
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When she's forced to accept a terrible responsibility, she faces it with bravery and a desire to do the right thing. There's virtually no violence in The Last Dragonslayer until the climax, at which point a couple of likeable characters meet their individual fates. It's a somewhat slow-moving and rather talky but humorous fantasy adventure about magicians concerned with finding the last dragonslayer and witnessing the return of Big Magic.

There's little violence until the tale's climax, when a couple of likeable characters meet their individual fates. There's virtually no objectionable content and plenty of absurdist humor. Fifteen-year-old foundling Jennifer Strange runs Kazam Mystical Arts Management, keeping track of a motley team of magicians who've been reduced to unblocking drains and rewiring homes due to a lack of magical energy to draw on.

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The Last Dragonslayer has ratings and reviews. Patrick said: I'd I will read more in this series because I was intrigued by this book. I just wanted a little .. This book has one of the best worlds I have ever been in. The magic. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr Once magic was powerful and very Book 1 of 3 in The Last Dragonslayer Series (3 Book Series).

But Big Magic may be about to reappear in the world, and various psychics have begun to predict the death of the last dragon. No one know who the last dragonslayer is fated to be, but two nations are willing to go to war to claim the lands once inhabited by the magical lizard.

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Digressive and discursive, The Last Dragonslayer seems to take forever to drop into gear. Once it does, there are some intriguing plot developments, but it may be too little too late for some readers. Families can talk about the enduring appeal of dragons in literature, movies, and legends. Why do they remain popular and compelling, even to modern readers and moviegoers? Do you think there's such a force as destiny? Are people "fated" for one particular outcome over another?

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The Last Dragonslayer

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The star rating reflects overall quality and learning potential. Learn how we rate. Digby we'd all be finished by six this evening. I think they knew the score well enough. If Mawgon could replace gearbox bushings while the engine was running, she was tuned enough for all of them.

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I knocked on the door of a red-brick house at the edge of the village, and a middle-aged man with a ruddy face answered. We spoke on the phone. As a foundling, I had been brought up by the Sisterhood, who'd sold me to Kazam four years before. He looked at the three sorcerers, who stood waiting at the car. May we get started? But he didn't, and eventually went and fetched his hat and coat. I said that this was so, and he handed me his house keys. After taking a wide berth to avoid the Quarkbeast, he climbed into his car and drove away. It's not a good idea to have civilians around when sorcery is afoot.

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Even the stoutest incantations carry redundant strands of spell that can cause havoc if allowed to settle on the general public. Nothing serious ever happened; it was mostly rapid nose hair growth, oinking like a pig, blue pee, that sort of stuff. It soon wore off, but it was bad for business. None of the sorcerers had rewired a house by spell before, but by reconfiguring the root directory on the core spell language of ARAMAIC, it could be done with relative ease — as long as the three of them pooled their resources.

It had been Mr. Zambini's idea to move Kazam into the home improvement market. Charming moles out of gardens, resizing stuff for the self-storage industry, and finding lost things was easy work, but it didn't pay well.

Using magic to rewire a house, however, was quite different. Unlike electricians, we didn't need to touch the house in order to do it.

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The only difference is that it isn't our world. So 3 it is. The book was set in modern times as far as I know?? This is not a book that will change my life; however, it was fun and worth the purchase price and reading time. A Space Odyssey , and The Godfather trilogy.

No mess, no problems, and all finished in under a day. Any calls to the Kazam office would ring here. I wasn't just Kazam's manager; I was also the receptionist, booking clerk, and taxi service. I did all this because 1 the Great Zambini couldn't because he was missing, 2 I'd been part of Kazam since I was twelve and knew the Mystical Arts Management business inside out, and 3 no one else wanted to.

The three of them were still in the appraising stage, which generally meant a good deal of staring, tea, discussion, argument, more discussion, tea, and more staring.

His particular field of interest was Remote Suggestion, although he wasn't very good at it. He'd once attempted to get us to like him more by sending out a broad Am I cool or what?! It had been very amusing until it wore off, but not to Perkins. Because we were close to the same age, we got along fairly well and I kind of liked him. But since this might have been a suggestion generated by him, I had no way of knowing if I truly liked him or not.

Although not possessed of the sharpest mind, he was kind and gentle and exceptionally gifted at levitation. He earned a regular wage for Kazam by removing illegally parked cars for the city. It took a lot of effort — he would sleep fourteen hours of twenty-four — and the marzipan echoed back to a darker time in his life that he didn't care to speak of. I'd been wondering when this would happen. Sharon Zoiks had been the fourth, I had been the sixth, and this new one would be the seventh. We didn't talk about the fifth. It'll be too expensive. Ask Nasil to carpet him up.

By the way, I've got two tickets to see Sir Matt Grifflon live in concert. Do you want to go? Aside from being one of King Snodd's favorites, he was a recording star and quite handsome in a lantern-jaw-and-flowing-mane kind of way. There is a very good reason why sorcerers are all single. Love and magic are like oil and water — they just don't mix.

I stood and watched the three sorcerers stare at the house from every direction, apparently doing nothing. I knew better than to ask them what was going on or how they were doing. She wore long black crinolines that rustled like leaves when she walked and often sparkled in the darkness.

During the kingdom's frequent power cuts, I could always tell when it was she gliding down one of Zambini Towers' endless corridors.

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Once, in a daring moment, someone had pinned stars and a moon cut from silver foil to her black dress, which made her incandescent with rage. She ranted to Mr. Zambini for almost twenty minutes about how no one was taking their calling seriously, and how could she be expected to work with such infantile nincompoops? Zambini spoke to everyone in turn, but he probably found it as funny as the rest of us.

We never discovered who did it, but I reckoned it was Full Price. With little else to do except keep an eye on the three sorcerers, I sat down on a handy garden bench and read Wizard Moobin's newspaper. The text that he had moved around the paper was still out of place, and I frowned.

Sorcery was like running a marathon — you needed to pace yourself. Sprint too early and you could find yourself in trouble near the finish line. Today you will have not heard of me Welcome to the Last Dragonslayer mini-site. There will be four titles in the series: Strange and the Wizard Working title All of the site can be accessed from the menu bar at the top of the page. There are details about each book, places to order it, and in the Special Features section, a host of extra information about Jennifer's world. FAQ Have a look round.