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Rhythm and blues , soul.

Smooth Sailing

Smooth sailing definition is - easy progress without impediment or difficulty. How to use smooth sailing in a sentence. "That bitch was smooth sailing!" "She wasn't smooth sailing and now I'm not going to be able to fuck for two months!" "That homeless bum can smooth sail all .

Ronald Isley , Angela Winbush. Overall, it was not my favorite in the Ashton aromatic line, but my wife did say she liked the room note and the lingering smell on my mustache.

I may just go to bed tonight after slathering some Maple Syrup on my mustache! Better get your asbestos tongue condom out. Don't worry, there's not much flavor to taste here anyway. Well, at least it does smell nice. It seems to be good quality leaf and it didn't gunk up my pipe. This blend would be totally forgettable if it hadn't caused me to spend a day or two nursing my poor tongue back to form every time I smoked it.

I can't recommend it to anyone. Not a bad tobacco at all. But it has first seemed very common to me. So common that I have put the tin in a drawer for some months after having smoked only a few pipes of it. However, when I reopened the tin, this tobacco surprised me in a good sense with its discrete chocolate flavour. I have then spent some nice moments smoking it. Nevertheless, this animal bites the tongue whenever you try to puff too quickly. This is why I would recommend it for long and lonely smokes, when nothing urges. This gives a good un-lit aroma: The first negative for this blend is the ribbon cut, it's not what I would say is even in its sizing of pieces!

On to problem two: FAR too moist, it's really imperative to allow some time to let this air, I can feel the dampness with my finger tips! After a decent airing period I fill up my Meer' and begin. Straight away I ascertain that this is a mild aro'. It says that there are a lot of additives in it but from start to finish the coconut takes the No 1 slot.

The next in line is the maple addition: Inhalation is easy and the nicotine level is the consummate "medium" amount so if you like Lady N then a few inhaled puffs will slake your desire. It doesn't leave a massive ghost, more of a "slight apparition" so if I had taken to this which I haven't I would dedicate a pipe to it.

I can't say this tastes horrible because it doesn't but tobacco tastes are subjective and the only word I can use to describe my feelings toward this blend is Indifferent. This tobacco is made with very light, lemon Virginia, Golden Virginia and Cavendish. I noted in this tobacco, only the Black Chocolate and Maple, but not the Coconut flavour. It have some Maple flavour in the tin, but their smoke have much more taste than flavour.

Is a good and impressive tobacco, but too charged in Nicotine for an Aromatic. Smoked this as a beginning smoker in an English briar Estate.

Smooth Sailing (Queens of the Stone Age song)

Thought the fire company was going to have to be called to put out a mouth fire. I could not detect the flavors others have mentioned, all I could get was heat. The only good thing I can say is the aroma was OK. I was lucky someone just let me try a bowl and I didn't have to buy a tin. Will leave this for the more hard-core smokers, can't recommend this one. EDIT - 17 July. I'm just totally retracting my original review in disgust, because I've now had altogether too much experience with this blend. Bear in mind now that this is coming from a guy who likes aromatics.

You see, I cannot get this stuff to not bite. Doesn't matter what size bowl, how careful I am with cadence or draw, packing it, lighting it, or drying it. The worst part is that it slow-roasts me to where I don't even realize just how bad it lit me up until the next morning.

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No matter how good it tastes or smells, this just ain't worth it. Not only will I never touch Smooth Sailing again, but anything Ashton is now totally off the table for me. What do you think of that, Ashton? Not recommended unless you have a masochistic bent. This was one of the first Aromatics, in fact first tobaccos that I ever tried, it still remains one of my favorite aros.

This blend smells wonderful out of the tin, with aromas of chocolate, vanilla and raisins. It has a pleasant taste, for some reason I was able to taste this one fairly well even after I moved on from aromatics to mostly smoking english and later virginias. The room note of this blend is also nice although not quite as great as you would expect from the tin aroma.

This one is a solid american style aromatic, yet not to wet or goopy as others tend to be at times. I enjoyed this one enough to smoke through two tins which as one who mostly enjoys variety is more than I can say for most blends that I've smoked! I was afraid this aromatic would be dripping with sticky stuff, since the description listed a ton of flavors maple, chocolate, caramel, coconut, etc.

Smooth Sailing // Into The Storm - SPLIT

In fact, any sharp flavor notes began to evaporate days after opening the tin, leaving a mild sweetness and hints of chocolate, coconut behind. As for any maple flavor, I couldn't find it. I found the smell of dark chocolate Mounds Bar to be quite pleasant. The mix of dark brown ribbon and light tan fruit pebble shaped flakes, had a good moisture content, and I was excited to dig in.

At first things were going well and I enjoyed the closest thing to real coconut flavor in a tobacco. There was a wonky air flow, some relights, spittle in the bowl, and a sharp tongue bite developed though all of this could be from user error. This was my first and last attempt using an Ashton product. My initial gut reaction was to give it 2 stars for the unique flavor, but as I got to the end of the tin, the flavor just left and everything turned bland, gross, and felt cheap. When I opened the tin, I got a bit of a smoky smell in front of the other smells.

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My nose made me think it wasn't going to taste as mild as the discription of flavors. I hate it when my nose is right. To me this seemed like a non-aromatic, which I do like on occasion. I could tell by the hit on my tongue, I was going to have to draw slower then I normally would. It seemed to burn fast. Before not too long, I was down to ash at the bottom of the bowl. I can't say is was the sailing I thought it was going to be, but it wasn't all that bad either. The cut is definetly not broken flake - broad cut ribbon - yes.

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I am not a devotee of aromatics, but ocassionally like a flurry. I was not impressed and the combination of flavors was simply overpowering. A light casing or top note is one thing - this is something way over the top. It burned very quickly, but the ribbon cut did keep the smoke relatively cool. The melange of flavour additives didn't produce a stickey residue, which was surprising; however, while the flavours combined well together and were complimentary - there was absolutely no tobacco flavour whatsoever. A pleasure to submit the first review of this little gem. It is a lovely high quality aromatic without a hint of soapyness or cheap casing.

It burns HOT, at first I thought it was going to be a problem but then I viewed it as a chance to perfect my technique and it really paid off. So long as you can smoke this at the slowest possible rate like slow enough to win the world's slowest smoker competition then you will be rewarded with the mysterious and rich layers of velvety notes as suggested on the tin.

Smooth Sailing’s tracks

The cavendish seems to work well with everything, the flake is a pleasing cut and as with many similar tobaccos, it probably benefits from a little drying out to get the best performance. Smooth Sailing burns surprisingly well, it's possible to finish the pipe from one or two lights and it doesn't smoke as wet as you might imagine. I'll certainly keep this one on the A list. I am in a Christmas mood and that means aromatic blends. I smoke cigars for 14 years, but I'm a beginner with pipes.

I found the tobacco extremely aromatic, smoke sweet and soft. The beginning was very simple, pure tobacco, but it evolved, revealing very good flavors. Aroma and room note excellent. It takes time to evolve and show off some flavors. I am rarely able to distinguish the flavours many identify in aromatic blends.

Like good whisky or quality coffee beans, I know what tastes good, but I sometimes fail to tease out the apricots from the mangoes and the pine from the oak. Smooth Sailing is an exception - even when unlit, the chocolate and coconut is unmistakable. When flame is applied, I have always been rewarded with a pleasurable experience - the melded components deliver lots of smooth, non-bitey smoke that qualifies as a dessert smoke.

It is sweet and genuinely simple - no frills and uncomplicated. It sounds critical to suggest monochromatic, but it isn't at all, because the lack of complexity speaks to consistency and quality. Didn't work for me. All those flavors listed in the description simply did not manifest at all. It's a shame because I tried other Ashton blends and enjoyed them. Oh well, 2 stars for my 2 cents. Starting from the tin note, this blend did absolutely nothing for me.

The tin states that " None of these flavours manifested when I opened the tin. Indeed there was virtually no aroma at all.

smooth sailing

Nor was there anything aromatic about the smoke in terms of the room note. What I got and tasted during the smoke was a bland, characterless mixture that just burned along without any doze of 'nuttiness' nor coconut nor dark chocolate.

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A cocoa with hints of maple. There was a wonky air flow, some relights, spittle in the bowl, and a sharp tongue bite developed though all of this could be from user error. Likewise, the room note is light and sweet. It really is something special; complemented by a visually arresting, colourful mix of lighter and darker tobaccos. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Let me end on a positive note: And perhaps it will taste better with age or when mixed and smoked with other aromatic blends. I don't smoke very many aromatics. I suppose that that could be one reason why I find them so easy to review. This one, however, is my favorite so far. It says to you "Caribbean" from the first light. My favorite time and place to smoke it would be from a hammock on a breezy summer day. And if you're a fan of Cavendish, there is plenty here for you. It seemed a bit dry from the tin, perhaps, but is really just right for it to burn as any pipe tobacco should.

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Also, some including Mr. Pease suggest that aromatics can lose some flavor over time. Perhaps it has a little, but, if so, only to an unnoticeable extent after having been kept in a Mason jar not heated for a seal for over a year now. I tried this tobacco at the recommendation of the salesman and was told that smelt awful by my fiance. Needless to say that it will likely not be in the regular rotation at home. I like the the flavoring combination and the tin note is suprb. But when light, this tobacco has a very mild taste. Too bad I was really looking forward to a heavier flavor.

Man does this stuff bite! I tried it several different pipes including a full-bent Savanelli with a dry filter system and it still bit the hell out of my tounge. Some reviewrs like this blend while others don't and I gues this is just one of those tobaccos that you either like or hate. I'd like this tobacco more if the tast was stronger and the smoke was cooler. The Tin-note was good with hints of Chocolate and Nuts, but I have had this before and found them a banale smoke. Not with this Tobacco.

The wide cut ribbon is easy to fill but takes a bit of tamping to keep it lit. The draw was good with generaly cool smoke and a nice smooth rouded flavour though as is so often the case light compared to the tin-note. It has little bite and burns quite clean to the bottom. A good non pervasive room note is a further plus.

In terms of aromatics this really is not a bad blend. When I review aromatics I always compare them to other tobaccos of the same ilk. To compare this to nightcap is just plain apples to oranges. As far as aromatics go this is a pretty nice blend. The tobacco is not extremely sodden, there really is not a lot of relights needed, there is no cess pool in the heel of your pipe on the completion, and it seems to be quality leaf. The flavor is what you would expect of most aromatic tobaccos, it is OK but nowhere near the beautiful and inviting smells the leaf teases your senses with.

Its sweet but Ill be damned if I can pick up the "coconut" that the tin advertises. Could be my inferior palate. At the end of the day you could do a lot worse by an aromatic, and there is something very noble about this blend, as if it is in a different league than the soggy bulk blends sitting on most strip mall tobacconists shelf's.