Fundamentals in Chemical Physics

Fundamentals in Chemical Physics
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Chemical Physics

follow site Along with its inherent interdisciplinary character, chemical physics is also a recognised science on its own. This book focuses on the concepts on which this science is founded rather than on the applications.

The subject is presented starting from the main ideas of physics classical, quantum and statistical relevant to the description of phenomena of interest from the chemical point of view. The authors have taken an individual approach in their presentation of the essence of a connected theory rather than mere explanations of apparently unrelated facts. Make - Rockets Mike Westerfield.

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Intermolecular and Surface Forces Jacob N. New research centers for studying different branches of chemical physics were created during N. Semenov and their disciples. Recently, on academician V.

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Its foundations consist of understanding chemical phenomena in terms of the most fundamental laws of physics. This book focuses on the concepts on which this. Fundamentals in Chemical Physics (): F. Battaglia, T.F. George: Books.

In spite of geopolitical perturbations, the scientific cooperation of the Insitute with research centers of FSU and foreign countries is developing. At present a number of researchers of the Institute works in USA, Japan, West Europe, and East European countries, and personal contacts contribute to the development of scientific and technical cooperation.

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