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Some of my favorite authors are in this bundle: Plus, you can choose to give a portion of the money to an amazing charity, Able Gamers, which helps people with disabilities enjoy the imaginary worlds of video games. For more information, and to purchase this bundle, visit Storybundle. Each issue has publication news about stories, collections, novels, and other fun stuff.

What are you waiting for? A few years ago I wrote my first thriller story to submit to an anthology called Pulse Pounders , edited by Kevin J. To my delight, he purchased the story. Now the follow up volume, Pulse Pounders: Adrenaline , has come out, containing a new, but very different, thriller story by me. The first story was about a mother saving her child, present-day. The new story is set in space, near future, and there are more lives at stake.

I hope readers enjoy it. Right now, the only way to get Pulse Pounders: Anderson himself , via Storybundle. Anderson and Matthew Costello. Click here to buy! Mmm hmm, you read that right. With all that savings, think how many mocha frappacinos you can enjoy. With the novels, you get the first three to four books in a series, for your binge-reading pleasure. Year 1 and The Faerie Summer Bundle.

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Till the Storm Breaks Erobintica. Wait, this one does too. Low to High Price: Tansy and Ki come from two of the most powerful witch dynasties—and the feud between their families puts the Hatfield and McCoys to shame. Once, was delayed because they were filming something along the stretch near Mugu Rock in Ventura County. You can also choose how much goes to the authors and how much to a wonderful charity, AbleGamers.

This crammed-full-of-ebooks package is available only until August 9, so binge while the binging is hot and so is the sun. As a bonus, you can choose how much money you want to give to the attached charity, AbleGamers, which tailors game equipment and systems to help disabled gamers join the large online community of gaming, providing social outlets and entertainment for folks who usually struggle to participate. You can get more info and buy it at StoryBundle to read on your favorite device, by the pool or hiding from the evil sun.

Still-Waking Sleep by Dayle A. Dermatis literary alchemical fantasy short story. The editor of the volume said I created a new subgenre: I recommend you read the issue before you read the review, because it contains some minor spoilers. Humans prove great fodder for fiction. But what about the universe of possibilities offered by the nonhuman protagonist?

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From a goblin who must choose whether to risk everything for love to a heroic rat adventuring at sea to sentient underpants yes, underpants , these nonhuman tales demonstrate why Adventures Fantastic says: Girls That Glitter by Dayle A. Dermatis urban fantasy short story.

For here is a new Nikki story. It has drag queens in it. It has a search for missing paperwork. Think you know a tavern tale when you hear one? The seventeen stories in this volume run the gamut of genre and mood.

Bars filled with glitter and ghosts stand alongside taverns filled with orcs and adventurers. Exclusive members-only drinks served at the end of the universe war with coffee bars with strange employee policies in the Pacific Northwest. So, grab a drink and get ready for one of the most entertaining Fiction River volumes yet. Leave a Candle Burning by Dayle A. Dermatis romance short story. Claudia lives a vagabond life, crisscrossing the country doing research for a reality show about American myths and legends.

Christmas finds her in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, at a small hotel allegedly haunted by the Lady in White, who leaves a candle burning for her husband, lost in the snow. Will he be what it takes for Claudia to change her wandering ways?

You can also subscribe to the magazine, which might not be a bad idea, because I have a story in issue 3 coming up, too…! Feeling alone and adrift in her new home in Southern California, she turns to crafting little white lies—and maybe little white spells. But when her only friend disappears, Cassie discovers a deeper magic than she ever thought existed…and must choose whether to come clean once and for all. Buy it at any of these fine online retailers: The summer sun bathes the earth in warmth and light Faeries dance under the moon at night.

Cross through the portal into a land ancient, beautiful, and wild. See the wonders that enticed the stolen child. Come away, O reader! To the Realm of Faerie. But if you want to make it back home, you had better be wary…. By Dayle February 22, Dayle A.

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A bundle of bundles for your summer binge-reading pleasure! Available in ebook format from S torybundle. Touch not the cat bot a glove…. The MacPherson family crest above the door gives Rachael de Young, genealogist and psychic, an unexpected chill.

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Because the MacPhersons are a family cursed by jealousy, betrayal, and fire…. Rachael grows closer to the truth even as she grows closer to the ghost of Jordan MacPherson, who died in the tragic fire…and could very well be the person sabotaging her research. Four boys confess to the murder of a woman who died a hundred years ago…. The violent encounter Rowan Everly survived in college jolted awake her psychic power to see past images while holding a related object. Her deeply ingrained mistrust of men makes her question where her loyalties lie. The deeper she investigates, the less anything makes sense.

But his calm support of her, and his unwavering desire to see justice done, gives her the strength to not only face her fears, but to reexamine the core beliefs that shape who she is. Want to chat about this post? CG is an online magazine, and you can find more info here. For Play will probably be out in Spring , though.

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The best part of being a writer: Military Erotic Romance , edited by the prolifically wondrous Kristina Wright. Okay, gotta sign the contract and mail it back, and get back to work! Anderson, in December Additionally, each book is based loosely on a fairy tale or legend. Unsurprisingly, my underlying fairy tale is Rapunzel. I love writing romance and erotica obviously , but fantasy was my first love, and any opportunity I get to write fantasy makes me happy. I have to thank a few people for helping me on this journey: On the heels of returning from the first annual Erotica Authors Association conference in Las Vegas about which I will blog soon , I can announce a new sale!

Just like not every story will click with every reader.

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Erotic Fantasies for Couples in July ! Interestingly, both stories involve travel, couples out of their natural environment and being more adventurous than they would be at home. That part of the story is taken from real life…! Erotic Fantasies for Couples is available for preorder. Ella believed her kinky desires were perverted and sick.

Through bondage and exhibitionism, he gives his little mermaid her tail back. A deliciously sexy short story by a legendary erotica heavy-hitter. It is a lovely recounting of how a broken woman regains her power and womanhood through the love of a special man. Truly a special tale. Erotic Fantasies for Women Cleis Press, , which received 4.