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The following podcast explores the current information security challenges that higher education institutions face. Huron and Higher Education Live discussed insights from Huron research and addressed the top market research questions higher education professionals are asking for Huron presents a webinar on the changing landscape of HR service delivery in higher education and how technology can empower new models and maximize operational effectiveness. In this article, the first of two, we will discuss the benefits of developing and implementing metrics.

Chief Business Officers need to help their Executive Leadership and Board improve strategic decision making and ensure long-term fiscal sustainability. Huron helps healthcare organizations drive sustainable long-term financial growth by developing strategies in the value-based payment model of the future. CMS sent a communication to all DDR system technical contacts providing operational guidance on the Medicaid rebate inflation penalty for generic products.

Isaac Dixon, Associate Vice-President of Portland State University, examine both the pitfalls and opportunities associated with affinity groups. Life sciences companies are using data analytics to conduct monitoring and analyze market trends — yet opportunities still remain to leverage data in making business decisions. Prior to biotechnology, there was little beyond crude vaccinology, dubious surgery and amphetamine, narcotic experimentation. Oil producers that haven't made more permanent and structural cost reductions will see their break-even costs rise and rates of return shrink when prices rise.

As tech giants like Amazon and Google fight for market share in the smart speaker space, media and hardware companies must brace for disruption. Changing consumer habits force retailers to rethink their dependence on holiday shopping dollars, and consider reallocating resources across the calendar year.

With the right enterprise technology, banks can transform margin planning into a mechanism that delivers more accurate earnings projections and improved performance. With the right tools and strategy, financial services leaders can transform data they already have into actionable cost and profitability analytics. Huron partners with our clients to assess their current state and provide tangible recommendations for moving forward to ensure successful solution adoption.

Implementing a one-stop interface for all student reporting needs is the first of several Business Intelligence capabilities to come for University of Wyoming. Huron integrates Salesforce with Oracle's Planning Budgeting Cloud Service to leverage strengths from both platforms to make more informed strategic decisions. Learn how healthcare organizations can navigate disruption through dual transformation, a process that optimizes the core business and creates new growth. To sustain a clinical variation reduction project, a healthcare organization governance's structure must includes the right people, processes and data.

When a health plan embarks on a digital transformation project, it's necessary to account for personnel, processes and tools in order to achieve desired results. The physician office visit of the future will give consumer more control with new scheduling and comparison tools, and more personalized appointments. Children's hospitals face financial pressures and new competition. Innovation and a consumer-centric approach are key for success in this changing environment. Identify and invest in the technology solutions that will drive growth for your healthcare system and give consumers access to healthcare on their terms.

Emergency Department case management programs benefit hospitals and patients. Learn the key roles and processes needed for an ED case management program. Consumer choice is changing the healthcare industry. Healthcare is evolving outside the hospital walls as new care delivery models emerge that provide consumers with access to lower cost and convenient healthcare. Collaborations with technology companies and those outside the industry will help healthcare organizations improve care and succeed in a value-driven market.

In the age of consumer choice, apply these strategies to build a consumer-centric healthcare organization, drug manufacturer or research institution. Moving to the Cloud impacts the world of healthcare IT in many ways including the operating model, IT workforce, and the governance and interaction models. Houston Methodist committed to insourcing their physician revenue cycle prior to an electronic health record EHR conversion.

Their goal was to maximize their EHR investment and to enhance and stabilize revenue before, during, and after the conversion. Before you move to the Cloud, prepare your university's data by taking a full inventory of all the technology systems and integrations used at your university. There are four key ways leaders can support faculty success and change and student success in this new age of higher education. Administrative minutia and supervisory responsibilities are key to the role of department chair, a key to your university's service delivery model.

Moving to the cloud impacts the IT world in many ways from the infrastructure and information integration landscape to the interaction model with the business. By redesigning the chart of accounts, universities are set up for success and able to establish a robust, financial structure with greater transparency.

While shared services may seem like an undertaking, you might be surprised to find that it's already happening at your university. From project goals to change management, there's a lot to consider when developing your higher education cloud implementation roadmap. Many organizations are implementing the Cloud to streamline administrative operations — and higher education and healthcare institutions should too. Like Best Buy, healthcare organizations could adopt a store-within-a-store model and realize the benefits of leasing out space to third-party providers.

Dual Transformation is an approach organizations use to build resilience in their core business while at the same time creating tomorrow's new growth engine. This conference brings together research administrators to learn, share and more than sessions. This conference will address topics that are concerned with the production, care, and use of laboratory animals. This conference will discuss topics related to IRB administration, research oversight, and research ethics.

Huron Research Suite is a comprehensive suite of software solutions tailor-made for managing and supporting the research enterprise at all institutional levels. Learn how with this assistance of Huron, Lee Steel negotiated a term sheet to provide increased liquidity and deferral of principal requirements. As the price of oil continues its downward spiral, energy companies need to retrench and retract. Dennis Ulak provides a road map for survival.

Companies can spur innovation, transformation, and growth by embracing the potential of connected devices. Evaluating the performance of a business is a challenge. Learn how to maximize success and the return on business assessment investments while minimizing risk. As part of change management, its important to find someone who can communicate changes to stakeholders and ensure success in the higher ed cloud implementation. The Department of Health and Human Services and 16 other federal departments and agencies announced another six-month delay in the general compliance date.

Huron shares three considerations for evaluating and building an effective internal controls for compensation system. Attention continues to increase on the idea of using shared services as a model for supporting research administration at higher education institutions. Over the past few years, there has been increasing attention to the idea of shared services as a model for supporting research administration at research-intensive institutions.

Huron Healthcare worked collaboratively with hospital leadership and staff to implement non-labor cost savings through contract negotiations, utilization practices, and standardization. Huron also led a redesign of the entire supply chain process, allowing Good Samaritan to sustain bottom line benefits. Huron Healthcare combines unparalleled experience and resources to lead the way in performance improvement for healthcare. Our clients consistently reach market-leading levels of performance, allowing them to achieve their goals and missions.

Huron's perioperative solutions helped Trinity Mother Frances increase efficiency, OR access for independent surgeons, and volume. Recognizing the scope and rate of change in the evolving healthcare environment, ProHealth Care sought to adapt to increase performance and accountability. Apply robotic processing automation RPA to healthcare's revenue cycle to streamline operations, reduce the time to complete tasks, and lower labor costs. For distressed retailers pursuing corporate restructuring, a focus on long-term strategy and anticipating customer needs are key to a successful turnaround.

Zero-based budgeting has evolved from an enterprise cost-cutting method into a strategic approach for driving innovation, improving transparency and eliminating waste. University of California Health successfully squared off against the challenges of realizing value from a decentralized system. Doctors Hospital at Renaissance worked with Huron Healthcare to build a best-practice clinical documentation improvement program from the ground up.

A focused approach and the use of technology can simplify the process and yield big benefits to large and smaller companies alike. Houston Methodist engaged Huron Healthcare to implement revenue cycle and clinical operations solutions, delivering millions in sustained benefits. Kona Community Hospital partnered with Huron to increase revenue and decrease reliance on state funding through a strategic performance improvement initiative. Ochsner Health System partnered with Huron Healthcare to improve its already-strong patient payment process, reducing risk and increasing collections.

ProHealth Care partnered with Huron Healthcare to transform their culture of care delivery through comprehensive performance improvement solutions. ProHealth Care partnered with Huron Healthcare on a comprehensive transformation engagement focused on the revenue cycle. Riverside University Medical Center engaged Huron Healthcare for an integrated performance improvement project that yielded millions in benefits.

A recent survey shows that most clinical trial participants support sharing their health data to improve information access and expedite research discoveries. The Department of Health and Human Services and 16 other federal departments and agencies announced an additional six-month delay in the revised Common Rule. Smaller clinical trials require fewer patients and less money, but many researchers worry that results are not wide enough to influence clinical practice.

National Institutes of Health NIH officials conducted a study looking into unconscious racial bias during the peer-review process and found no bias. When seeking funding and support, communicating and engaging the project's ROI with decision-makers is critical in financing university-based research. Department of Health and Human Services and 15 other federal agencies have issued a final rule to update the "Common Rule" regulations that safeguard individuals who participate in research. With Uniform Guidance reducing administrative burdens there has been scrutiny on how to modify or enhance methods for supporting payroll on sponsored programs.

This article discusses the main factors and many other considerations in developing a budget for an NIH grant proposal.

Experiences and lessons learned for programme improvement of micronutrient powders interventions

The Compliance Supplement serves as a guide to auditors evaluating internal controls and determining compliance with federal law. In partnership with EdTech Times, Huron will embark on a six-part podcast series exploring trends and strategies in higher education with industry experts. Huron explores how technology supports the future of research in a new podcast series: Meet Huron professionals in the health economics and outcomes research field, discuss the latest trends, and learn from the renowned experts attending ISPOR.

Whether you are new to the complexities of the CCSG, or are trying to keep pace, learn how to transform your administrative processes to make them easier. Changes to systems, processes and models will be needed to comply and will play a large role in forecasts going forward. University of Kansas Hospital's new Clinical Documentation Improvement program developed processes to increase reimbursement and improve quality. Oil field service companies should assess their Selling, General and Administrative Expenses efficiency and effectiveness to stay competitive.

Investing in new technology solutions and embracing cloud-delivery models is a fundamental part of transforming and innovating a higher education institution. Huron Healthcare optimized care access at Trinity Mother Frances, improving key access metrics and driving increased gross revenue. Huron's clinical operations solutions to improve the patient and provider experience related to the cardiac catheterization cath labs.

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Learn how the University of Virginia Medical Center increased ED capacity, streamlined communication, and improved patient satisfaction. Learn how a Clinical Operations engagement with Virginia Hospital Center reduced length of stay, increased capacity and raised patient satisfaction.

The survey discussed consolidation, the journey of value, technology and innovation investments, advancements in big data and precision medicine, consumerism and health systems of the future. Follow these four tips to use your ERP to increase employee engagement allowing you to increase productivity, ultimately improving your bottom line.

Strengthen your safety committee oversight processes while accelerating preparation, submission, and review of research studies. Value-based contracting is the agreement between a manufacturer and payer on the reimbursement of a therapeutic based on real-world clinical outcomes provided. Listen to this podcast series on how higher education can successfully transition to the cloud. Hear from higher ed thought leaders and people whose institutions are making the transition.

Huron is uniquely suited to help clients define their requirements. This webinar will provide an overview of recent Delaware appraisal issues and cases and a discussion of appraisal issues that are on the horizon. Huron partners with federal government clients to solve healthcare's complex business problems, optimize operations and navigate organizational change.

Huron Transaction Advisory leads sale of AcuSport Corporation, a distributor of shooting sports products, to Ellet Brothers in its chapter 11 bankruptcy case. To bring dramatic and sustainable change to fruition in higher education, leaders need to take a strategic approach to implementation and collaboration. Finding ways to align sponsorship from leaders is the most important factor to increase the likelihood of successful implementation of disruptive change.

To mobilize and align leaders, an organization must define the business case for action and the definition of success at the beginning of implementation. We are challenged with making institutions more effective with proactively implementing change successfully despite their unique operating environments. Join our complimentary webinar on July 25 to learn new technologies and business models to accelerate the future of research. Quantity of data in higher ed is no longer the problem.

Healthcare entities should be aware of antitrust issues when they execute a transaction. Small deals aren't immune from scrutiny. Learn why a defined pension plan can be a liability for buyers and lenders of distressed companies. To optimize levels of care, organizations should have clear level of care criteria, unit structures, guidelines on clinical progression and clinical variation.

A six-facility health system partnered wit Huron Healthcare to design and manage a complex HIS conversion. Amazon's biggest opportunity may be supplanting the household brands you use every day, not to mention the data it procured about how you buy these goods. High hospital volumes due to the flu epidemic have boosted some stocks, but the long-term impact on middle market providers remains to be seen.

Knowledge of costs across the academic portfolio is essential in academic planning. Many universities have little or no visibility into profitability of individual courses. Huron works to solve strategic, organizational and operational challenges so healthcare organizations can deliver exceptional patient care and experiences. As a leader of cloud implementations, Huron has significant Oracle and Salesforce expertise and is the largest and fastest-growing firm in North America. Huron's technology-supported solutions, including software and partner platforms, and proprietary tools are built to drive performance, enablement and support.

Huron's healthcare practice offers their clients support in optimizing current technology resources, making new IT investments and defining their IT strategies. Get industry news delivered to your inbox every week.

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Subscribe to the Huron newsletter to receive relevant reports and articles regarding your industry. Through care transformation, learn how to optimize clinical services, reduce care variation, promote continuum coordination and more. Stabilize your organization's financial core by building sustainable and proven reimbursement and expense management processes that support growth for tomorrow. Join Huron and our Workday practice experts to learn how we partner with clients to leverage their Workday migration to deliver sustainable change.

Huron understands the complex issues of the life sciences industry and partners with companies to provide strategic solutions focused on innovation and growth. Did you miss Huron at Collaborate ? Register to attend one or all of our webcast sessions to learn how you can leverage current technology for the Cloud.

Huron's Physician solutions helped UT Medical Group align physician compensation with organizational goals. For higher ed, considering, designing, selecting and sustaining a new budget model requires a deep understanding of the specific attributes of each model. Huron presents a webinar discussing the approaches used to drive enrollment and retention while remaining consistent with institutional mission and identity. Join Huron at the AIRI Annual Meeting to learn from top decision makers from the leading independent research institutions around the country.

Huron has the facilities and breadth to assist our clients with significant and comprehensive resources — whether on-premise or remote. Employer alliances and vertical consolidation are changing the healthcare landscape and healthcare providers must respond by creating a new business model.

Huron helps organizations identify, integrate and optimize technology investments to collect data that transforms care delivery and improves patient outcomes. Huron helps organizations take a proactive approach in their transformation by thinking, planning and acting differently to stay ahead of disruption. By recruiting, retaining and developing a diverse workforce, we are better able to meet the needs of our clients and create opportunities for all. Our ability to attract and retain exceptional professionals with diverse backgrounds and life experiences helps us bring more innovative, creative, and unique ideas and approaches to how we deliver excellent service and solutions to clients.

This brief explores findings from a survey of leaders in higher education, discussing the impacts of cloud technology and student expectations at universities. Huron helps unify the student journey and work across silos to merge support functions into a seamless experience to benefit both students and stakeholders.

For most states in the United States, public higher education institutions are now receiving more funding from tuition than from government support. Offering higher education classes in prisons decreases the likelihood of prisoners committing another crime and increases job placement after prison. Higher Education Act reauthorization process underway, experts are pushing for new ways of measuring institutional accountability.

Colleges and universities have ample opportunity to clarify admissions criteria, a move that would benefit low-income applicants and foster inclusivity. Nearly 41 million people live 25 miles or more from a physical university or community college with 3. In an increasingly changing industry landscape, higher education institutions are learning they need to adapt to market changes or risk falling behind.

Understanding the changing needs and expectations of young alumni is an institution-wide, strategic imperative for those working in alumni relations. Organizational leaders are taking stock of the values of their young alumni populations and are innovating programs that promote long-term engagement with them. Learn how to achieve student success and financial sustainability by using strategic planning and integration across your higher education campus. To both maintain financial endowments and promote enrollment growth, institutions must rely upon and develop sustaining relationships with new alumni.

Huron's Ted Simpson shares his perspective on why to consider Student Cloud based on valuable experience partnering with higher education institutions. Consumer choice is changing the way patients make healthcare decisions due to the increase in available information. This will also change how care is provided. Harvard University and Huron's Peter Stokes discuss new models for integrating study and work in higher education on EdCast: Cloud platforms present colleges and universities with an opportunity to reach a new pool of students, support personalized learning and increase collaboration.

Increasing interoperability is critical for the future of healthcare. Organizations must begin to align data collection and integrate technology platforms. Healthcare organizations should shift their strategy to one that empowers leaders to plan strategically and do so with the consumers' needs in mind. Houston Healthcare executives engaged Huron Healthcare in a comprehensive effort to improve the efficiency of its clinical laboratory operations.

Research institutions should design patient-centric clinical trial experiences that reduce participation barriers and increase trial enrollment and retention. As the demand for Cloud-based solutions increases and the true capabilities of the Cloud become better defined, vendors are enhancing their Cloud offerings. A survey of leading healthcare CEOs found these three skills to be the most needed for healthcare leaders.

Learn how to develop them. To build and sustain digital trust that your healthcare system will keep patient health data secure, a strong brand and a proactive approach to security are key. Delivering administrative services through a shared services model leverages resources across the organization, standardizes processes and aligns technology. Huron recently developed a Subrecipient Monitoring Toolkit that rapidly aligns subrecipient monitoring activities with research industry best practices.

Huron summarizes the major changes and analyzes the impact of the OMB Uniform Guidance, focusing on the impact on subrecipient monitoring and management. This resource library can help your institution focus on essential priorities so your staff thrives. Listen to our podcast to learn more about where to focus your review and consideration efforts when it comes to subrecipient monitoring.

Product launches are inherently optimistic occasions for companies, representing opportunities to market new products and generate fresh sources of revenue. With low participation in clinical trials, a new photojournalism campaign aims to increase awareness among healthcare workers about enrolling patients. As student and market needs change, higher education leaders try to predict what the future of colleges will look like. Gain a better idea of what an asset like a hospital service line is worth before pursuing a joint venture by looking at more than just service line contributions.

The Uniform Guidance UG introduced a number of reforms for institutions receiving federal grant funding. These changes impact procurements on federal awards. A benefit-risk assessment framework can help clarify the regulatory discussion at your institution. Pope Woodhead can help facilitate these discussions. Pharmaceutical companies should pursue digital investments that provide data to support their goals or partner with providers to improve patient self-care. Join Huron at the FT Pharma Pricing and Value Summit will discuss the future of pharmaceutical pricing and market access in an evolving healthcare environment.

The Supplement only includes updates and changes. As healthcare organizations look to incorporate automation into their workflows an automation strategy is critical to ensure that desired results are realized. A clinical operations solutions for Children's Hospital Los Angeles improves patient throughput, care variation, and patient and staff satisfaction. Clinical operations improvements at Faxton St. Huron helped Penn State transform its HRPP to achieve a significant decrease in turnaround times, and increased consistency in reviews, morale and satisfaction.

The University of Kansas, has been re-designing its administrative services into shared-services centers, making the university more effective and efficient. Huron Education helped Yale University with a thorough examination of its conflict-of-interest policies and procedures, which Yale perceived had become too cumbersome. Joint ventures and shared services agreements are two ways higher education institutions can transform in order to offset enrollment and funding challenges.

Colleges and universities around the world have been striving to develop that perfect formula for student success. Why then, does it prove so elusive? Healthcare organizations must leverage digital technology such as apps, kiosks, AI and IoT to improve the core business while positioning it for future success. Institutions should think of their academic programs as a portfolio where leaders maximize resources, market relevance and mission-driven activities.

Higher education institutions will need to adapt their business models to engage a changing student population and overcome unsustainable cost structures. Why the increasing importance of tuition as a funding stream will force institutions to position themselves for a future of opportunity in a market of uncertainty. Huron develops tailored solutions across every dimension of the student lifecycle - from recruiting and enrollment to graduation and beyond- to help institutions achieve their near- and long-term objectives.

Amazon's tools and technologies that are used in other industries could be used in healthcare to create a better consumer experience and a more efficient system. Transformation impacting both retail and healthcare organizations presents an opportunity for cross-industry partnerships that spur innovation and growth. In a poll conducted by Huron, representatives from 60 of the top North American research institutions shared their predictions for the future of research. Understanding the true number of individuals with a rare disease is critical to many aspects of orphan drug development.

Private equity sales, corporate acquisitions and joint ventures are a few options healthcare organizations can tap to shed and monetize non-core service lines. Huron helps federal government clients navigate the challenges and opportunities created by industry transformation. Huron's solutions help solve complex business problems, optimize operations, effectively navigate organizational change, and increase engagement. To ensure financial success for your hospital or healthcare organization manage costs, evaluate your service line portfolio and align spending to strategy.

Enrollment management requires alignment on college priorities from every department on campus, and deep thinking about institution's priorities and mission. The use of value-based contracts in the U. Pope Woodhead evaluates the potential of digital to drive real patient-centered models in which patients' data informs developments and outcomes. Institutions wishing to do more than just survive in an increasingly competitive marketplace must rethink the collegiate experience from the student perspective. A leading pediatric medical center commits to a software-as-a-service SaaS strategy for its research administration suite to help grow its research programs.

Higher education and independent research institutions have significant opportunities to benefit by migrating administrative software to cloud-based systems. Research leaders at Northwestern University looked for a software solution that consolidated key animal laboratory business processes into one automated system.

Improve vivarium staff and research productivity by streamlining the management of animal resources with Huron's flexible Animal Operations solution Huron Animal Operations. Leaders in higher education face a mounting number of challenges and opportunities, including economic pressures, new policies and evolving technology. Huron's Employee Compensation Compliance is a web-based application that offers flexible approaches for institutions to review and confirm personnel costs.

Watch our webinar on June 13th and learn alternative methodologies to effort reporting, including project certification and payroll confirmation. It is web-based, and available as a hosted option or as software as a service. Learn more about the four key operational and business process implications to the Final Rule to consider at your university. The business of research is only getting more complex and challenging, but the Huron Research Suite can help your institution adapt.

View our webinar for a detailed discussion and demo of how Huron's industry-leading Research Office solution can address your institution's dynamic research infrastructure service needs. Research offices also frequently look for the best division of responsibilities between the pre and post award offices. Recent studies show researchers spend only half of their time conducting research. Learn how Huron can help your institution reduce research burden. The University of Washington implements the Workday HCM cloud solution to improve compliance, provide seamless interaction and enable real-time data sharing.

Leaders need to carefully consider "time and team" factors to establish an appropriate timeline and resource plan expectations when preparing for the transition to a cloud technology. Learn how next-generation cloud technologies can help universities streamline student engagement, predict growth scenarios and unify technology environments.

It is essential that the research and IT teams collaborate and communicate during a grants management cloud implementation. Learn how Johns Hopkins University has streamlined the management of all research agreements via a central web portal. In this case study, Huron provided Marquette University a comprehensive analysis of student data to aid the institution in redefining its enrollment strategy. Every institution strives for diversity within its student body.

It's valuable to expand our definition for what diversity means because the "ideal student" may be found in unexpected places. The University of California UC employs , people over 10 campuses and five medical centers. In order to streamline payroll, benefits, human resources and academic provesses, the university created the UCPath Center as part of its "Working Smarter" initiative.

Boston Children's Hospital BCH provides a unique perspective on planning your e-research administration system future. Cincinnati Children's Hospital joins Huron to discuss experiences with e-research administration systems. Prepare with the Huron Research Suite. University of Washington discusses how to increase chances for success when implementing the Huron Research Suite in part two of this e-Research Administration eRA series.

NGMC outsourced its administrative operations allowing its internal resources to focus on conducting quality research and enhancing research capabilities. Read how higher education leaders can successfully inspire and implement change at their organizations by engaging teams and effectively communicating. Learn more about valuations and the approach used for estimating the value of a business or asset. UC Berkeley improved donors relations by enabling its advancement office to identify resources toward engaging more of their alumni network.

Our Patient Support Community built on Salesforce enables better care by bringing together patients and caregivers on a collaborative platform. Design thinking is a framework for creating experiences that better fulfill consumer needs. Apply design thinking in healthcare for a better patient experience.

The gig economy could allow healthcare providers to better staff based on volume while giving clinicians and nurses the opportunity to work on their terms. As telehealth programs gain popularity, creating a program that meets consumer needs will be critical for getting consumers to use this type of care. Reviewing our business this year, Huron identified common themes and lessons on how our clients can avoid some of the challenges they highlight.

How your approach to choosing a contract manufacturer impacts the success and timing of a development program and product launch. The drug pricing environment, both in the US and globally, has changed and will continue to do so. While the price of differentiated products can be set freely to a degree, there are certain issues that even innovative manufacturers may want to consider before doing so.

Can regulation really speed access to treatments for unmet needs? We discuss regulatory developments in early access treatments in non US and EU markets. Research activities within the pharmaceutical industry has increased. However, some decisions made during drug development aren't supported by quality evidence. Real world evidence studies serve many purposes and are creating new opportunities for evidence generation in drug development.

Recent advances in the use of mobile health technologies and applications for portable devices have pushed the boundaries of existing regulatory frameworks. In this whitepaper, Pope Woodhead discusses recent innovations in RMP tracking and the benefits these bring, such as software-based tracking solutions. Jon McEuen and Ben Rymzo take you through a minute session on the benefits and key success factors of implementing a social monitoring tool in the life sciences industry.

Learn how patient activation programs can be an effective patient-centric investment for pharmaceutical companies in the right environment. Stop by Huron's lounge in San Francisco during Dreamforce Gather for meetings, watch keynotes, grab coffee and food, or kick back and relax at our daily happy hours. Merged organizations assessing what functions to prioritize for integration should standardize the revenue cycle operations before consolidating. Learn how hospitals and health systems can create seamless and efficient ambulatory access to capture and retain more patients and maximize revenue.

Children's hospitals need to optimize their existing core business processes and align their financial planning with strategic plans for the future. Spark Ventures needed to implement more efficient processes to generate timely and accurate data and reporting to keep their stakeholders informed. New challenges to clinical, research and teaching in academic medical centers presents opportunities for innovation and leadership all health systems can model.

Nick has over 15 years of experience working as a healthcare consultant in the areas of information technology implementations and revenue cycle transformation. Michael brings over 15 years of healthcare experience as a provider, investment banking analyst and consultant. Ken serves life sciences clients across a variety of strategic questions, with emphasis on new therapy commercialization, brand and portfolio strategy, and market access.

Robert brings more than 16 years of experience in business consulting across a range of industries, most significantly within healthcare. Kehl is a managing director and has more than 20 years of financial advisory consulting experience. During her early days as a professional musician and advertising executive, Lynne developed an unparalleled ability to connect with hearts and minds.

Stephanie is a coach leader for Studer Group with oversight of regional systems and community hospital partnerships. George has more than 30 years of experience in clinical and financial operations and technology solutions for healthcare organizations. Throughout his career, John has been involved in the financial, business strategy and regulatory challenges of the healthcare industry.

Jim has over 20 years of consulting experience in hospital, health system and physician practice management organizations. Sondra has over 11 years of experience in revenue cycle consulting with expertise in many areas, including patient access, case management, health information management, clinical documentation, billing, collections, self-pay collections and vendor management. Giles Thurston leads the Digital Solutions group for the Huron Life Sciences Practice, bringing over 20 years' consultancy and industry experience, working with clients across a wide range of sectors to design and deliver software solutions.

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Ted has over 20 years of experience in the higher education industry helping institutions implement student, financial, and human capital management systems. Rod brings over 25 years of healthcare experience in performance improvement, clinical optimization and IT design. Tim has over 12 years of experience helping hospitals improve their revenue cycle and patient access performance.

Over the past twelve years with Studer Group, Penelope Elebash has worked with hundreds of organizations hardwiring accountability processes that help sustain results. Ryan brings more than 18 years of healthcare experience in operational performance improvement and has extensive experience leading engagements in a variety of healthcare settings including academic medical centers, multi-facility health systems and community hospitals.

Michael specializes in building sustainable change management, process realignment, and system integration through a focus on net revenue enhancement and net revenue leakage in hospital billing and physician practice environments. Neera has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry working with multi-facility health systems, academic medical centers and pediatric hospitals. Julie has over 18 years of healthcare consulting experience, with expertise in revenue cycle management — generating significant financial and patient service benefits for a number of hospitals and health systems.

Geoffrey has more than 25 years of experience advising companies and their creditor and equity-holder constituencies in mergers and acquisitions, financings, corporate reorganizations, debt and equity restructurings, complex valuations, and litigation support services. Josh has more than 13 years of broad experience advising companies and management teams on capital structure initiatives, mergers and acquisitions, operational strategies, and corporate restructurings and turnarounds.

For more than 30 years, Larry has provided financial advisory services to companies undergoing change. Joy assists colleges, universities, and research institutions with projects related to information systems design and implementation, research administration, and operational improvement. George is a seasoned financial professional well versed in leading change management in complex organizations.

John has over 20 years of experience providing corporate finance and advisory services to the healthcare industry. Jim brings over 25 years of healthcare operations and consulting experience, including prior leadership roles with other national consulting firms. Prior to joining Huron, Mr. Rick brings more than 30 years of healthcare industry experience in leading large performance improvement engagements for health systems, academic medical centers, and community hospitals. Lindsay brings 10 years of experience in healthcare consulting and has extensive experience leading a large range of client engagements including large multi-system hospital engagements, pediatric hospital engagements and single-facility hospitals.

Rich currently is Huron's Healthcare national practice leader for public and public district integrated delivery systems. As a senior executive, John has more than 25 years of extensive experience in reorganization, operational transformation, capital raising, buy side advisory and merger integration. John has more than 15 years of successful experience with enterprise performance management, business intelligence, enterprise resource planning, and analytic solutions.

Jim has over 30 years of experience providing business and financial advisory and restructuring services. Steve has nearly 20 years of experience helping higher education institutions install, implement, and integrate PeopleSoft and its various applications.

Darr has more than 30 years of experience providing accounting, auditing and financial consulting services to business organizations, many of which are experiencing significant financial and operating difficulties. Tim has spent over 21 years working in the higher education and healthcare industries and has served as a business advisor to more than 65 research institutions. Timothy has more than 17 years of experience providing forensic, investigative and financial advisory consulting services, including leading engagements involving misappropriation of funds, Ponzi and pyramid schemes, fraudulent transfers, securities fraud and professional malpractice.


Matthew has more than 11 years of experience working with academic medical centers, hospital systems and research universities. Leah has 30 years of experience working with healthcare systems, hospitals, academic medical centers, physician groups, and pharmaceutical and device manufacturers. Sidnee is a career consultant, having started in the high tech industry and transitioning to the life sciences industry by joining the Frankel Group in Laura has worked with more than 30 higher education and healthcare institutions across the country to improve operational performance, increase efficiency and enhance compliance through the use of information technology.

Shane has extensive experience providing financial and valuation solutions to the healthcare industry. Rick has more than 18 years of management consulting experience, specializing in assisting research institutions with strategic planning, operational improvement, and compliance management.

Phil brings more than 20 years of experience working with large employers, complex health systems and academic medical centers across the country on significant HR business process improvement, HR transformation, employee benefit, compensation, organizational development, change management, and technology initiatives.

Ryan has worked with more than 50 academic and healthcare institutions in the United States and Middle East to improve operational efficiency and enhance compliance through the application of sound business principles. Ronnie has over 25 years of healthcare consulting experience and has worked with many leading payers and providers throughout the country. Willhelm has more than 20 years of advisory and system implementation consulting experience in the fields of Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Performance and Profitability Management, Finance, Enterprise Risk Management, and Business Intelligence.

Mike provides operational leadership to companies facing challenges due to growth, strategic transition, or financial distress. Peter has more than 20 years of experience helping educational and healthcare organizations improve operational efficiency through the application of sound business principles and technology. Jeff Morris currently lives and practices in Ohio, although he is originally from South Africa.

Nicole has over 17 years of healthcare consulting experience working with complex multi-facility health systems, academic medical centers, pediatric and leading community hospitals. Lauren has over fourteen years of experience serving universities, medical centers, and nonprofit entities. Mark Finlan is a Managing Director at Huron and has over 16 years of experience in management consulting including deep expertise in higher education and the public sector. Philip has been assisting universities and academic medical centers plan, implement, and support information technologies for the past 17 years.

Marc is a senior director in the U. Adam brings a highly structured and analytical approach to his work developing innovative solutions to the most complex and critical challenges facing colleges and universities. Adriana has more than 18 years of experience providing financial advisory and restructuring services to companies and investors assessing strategic alternatives to maximize stakeholder value in complex situations.

Patel has more than 15 years of experience in providing bankruptcy, restructuring, turnarounds, and business consulting services. Amit specializes in global business transformation, ERP and Cloud migration strategies for clients. Andrew helps colleges and universities maximize, allocate and leverage financial resources. Andy has more than 30 years of successful and diverse domestic and international experience guiding a broad spectrum of healthcare, life science and manufacturing clients in the implementation of performance improvement programs.

Ashley has nine years of healthcare experience advising leading hospitals, health systems, healthcare technology organizations, and government entities. Barry brings more than 25 years of healthcare industry experience managing large performance improvement consulting engagements for a broad spectrum of healthcare provider clients including integrated health systems, academic medical centers, and community hospitals.

His experience spans all major therapeutic areas. Bev has more than 20 years of executive management and consulting experience, specializing in helping cancer centers and academic institutions with strategic planning, operations improvement, and compliance management. He oversees a portfolio of businesses referred to as Advancing Solutions.

Bill has more than 12 years of extensive experience supporting business transformation, administrative service delivery and technology implementation for enterprise resource planning ERP software implementation processes. Bill has more than 20 years of consulting experience specializing in Human Resources, Finance, and Administration. Brad has more than 21 years of experience in EPM and BI focusing on product development, strategic planning, cash flow forecasting and taxes.

Brett has 12 years experience providing restructuring and turnaround and operational improvement services to clients facing challenges due to leverage, liquidity, or operational inefficiencies. Brian serves as an advisor to and in interim management roles with companies across industries, primarily in healthcare hospitals and hospital systems and life sciences companies. Ching Wei has more than 20 years of experience providing financial advisory, litigation support and auditing services. Chris brings more than 24 years of healthcare leadership experience in implementation project leadership, labor productivity, process improvement, operations, and strategic planning.

Cody has over 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry working with multi-facility and faith-based health systems, academic medical centers, and small rural hospitals. Coley has more than 12 years of financial consulting experience, including restructuring and turnaround, Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings as well as forensic investigation.

Costa brings more than 15 years of healthcare leadership and consulting experience within process improvement, project implementation and strategic planning. Craig has over 14 years of healthcare experience helping providers optimize their operations and revenue cycle. Dan advises clients on corporate turnarounds and restructurings, lender workout situations, transaction advisory services TAS and raising capital. David has over 20 years of healthcare information technology experience providing leadership for clients on hundreds of clinical, revenue cycle, supply chain, ERP, and technical engagements.

David has more than 25 years of experience assisting clients with improving their business operations through the implementation of administrative systems, developing business strategy, reengineering business processes, and establishing internal control structures. David has over 20 years of experience in healthcare, serving as an advisor and architect of patient safety and high reliability programming to hospitals and health systems around the world.

With nearly 30 years of healthcare experience, Debbie is passionate about helping hospitals and health systems align stakeholder engagement efforts to improve quality outcomes, experience, hospital operational success and brand loyalty from the same body of work. Deepak has over 18 years of experience in bringing new products, solutions and innovative concepts to the market.

Dennis has more than 35 years of experience in organizing and leading teams to invest and manage both upstream, midstream, oil field services, and related infrastructure investments. Derek has more than 20 years of consulting and project management experience in eProcurement implementation, process improvement, organizational transformation, travel program improvement, and strategic sourcing.

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