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In her situation, I would want to give myself permission to allow my story to be released gently back in the moment.

I would want the gumption and presence to calmly say "Ouch! You are a strong woman. But even as I write this I know that the presence, gumption and calm are immediately lost when I am hurt.

What Is Your Storyteller Doing?

Unhooking from judgment and fear is not going to save me from getting hurt. Simply accepting my truth that sometimes I hurt and being able to own and bear that kindly, is what I wish for.

We don't have to act out all that we are, but it's all there, it's all me, it's all us. I grow healthy by being aware of all of me, including my shadow side, and taming it like taming a wild stallion, and working with it. By disowning or denying some of me, it is more likely to emerge in a dark way.

Through experiences -- no specific one comes to mind -- I came to believe that the 'storyteller' comes from that shadow side of me and encourages the shadow side of me. Many times in my life my 'storyteller' has won out and I've been mean one way or another -- those actions I am ashamed of. Until he recently became too ill to write, Conrad shared his wisdom weekly with all of us on Awakin, always ending his reflection 'with kind and loving regards, Con'.

He loved this sort of sharing and introduced me to Awakin. Con was my friend for more than 40 years.

With deep sadness, I am letting you know that Con died this afternoon after a brief encounter with lung cancer. I will miss his physical presence. He was a good and compassionate man. I hope you will hold him in your kind and loving regards, thoughts and prayers. Yes, that is my "real" job. Our own assumptions or judgments can get in the way or peace or resolution.

To share that journey at the very institution where the body image issue had such a grip on me was life changing and to show them you can come through the other side to healthy image, wow. This April I went public on my blog about my own challenge with Depression. When I went public with the Depression, another weight was lifted.

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No shame and much support came as others shared their Stories of challenges too. HUGS from my heart to yours. What Is Your Storyteller Doing? This passage was excerpted from Mary's blog. Send me an email when another comment is posted on this passage. Susan , Amit Post Your Reply.

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Amit , David Post Your Reply. Please contact Peppers directly to book. Another important part of my working life is Storytelling Starters.

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He takes the teabag from his mug and carefully wraps a noose around it on the bowl of the spoon. This site uses cookies. The core flavor of my childhood was invasion, and so my storyteller was built with a huge amount of fear about being overtaken by life. The next day, a miracle occurs. Is someone famous having coffee?

This is my Storyworks Blog. The blog brings you stories for all ages, thoughts about stories in my storytelling life and a useful archive.

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You can easily become a regular and free subscriber and I'd be delighted to welcome you there, joining subscribers from as afar afield as India and Australia. See where to sign in on the blog itself. It was an object lesson in how to engage children as well as a feast of story for adult ears. A note to Mary's parents resulted in reminders that telling stories was sinful.

For years Mary confessed her sins and struggled to overcome her talent.

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Thank goodness, she failed. In , after brief careers as a high school English teacher and a public library children's librarian, Mary embraced professional storytelling. With her ever-expanding repertoire, Mary delights audiences throughout the USA. She tells tales in a straightforward "just talking" style. Yes, she still uses her hands to help tell the tale.

Today, when Mary takes the stage, the show unfolds in the hearts and minds of her audiences - just as it did for her 3rd grade classmates so many years ago. She has told stories at storytelling festivals, performing arts festivals, conferences, universities, theatres, libraries, museums, schools, and private gatherings. Mary's storytelling is also listed in the Kentucky Performing Arts Directory, a juried directory of Kentucky's finest performers.

While nothing can take the place of live storytelling where teller and audience share the same space, relating and responding to each other, you can watch Mary tell stories in informal videos posted to her YouTube Channel, listen to excerpts from her work at CDBaby where you can also download stories or purchase her CDs.