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retinetefor.ml/historical-dictionary-of-boxing-historical.php The research was commissioned by spirini. Also in the top 50 is seeing an old couple holding hands, watching funny animal videos and the smell of freshly cut grass. Having a good hair day features high in the list, along with seeing a baby smile and waking-up at the weekend and realising you don't have to go to work. Perfect toast, the lift arriving the second you push the button and getting some juicy gossip from a pal also feature.

The research found that UK adults are typically happy four times a day and generally at their happiest at the age of Over half consider themselves to be happy more often than not - just 16 per cent described themselves as generally unhappy. Nine in 10 said they like to be spontaneous although 47 per cent admit they aren't impromptu enough. And six in 10 people rely on others for a spot of spontaneity - in fact the typical UK adult is pleasantly surprised four times a day on average. Over 90 per cent keep their eyes peeled for a bargain while over a third like to boast about their purchases when they get a good deal.

So you're not at a concert. You're on vacation and it feels so good to not deal with all that stress. What magic words have you said that you need to say more often? The researchers labeled it "comparing" and it really makes you appreciate those great moments at the beach. Contrast these great times with the times that ain't so good. Or, if this sunny getaway is better than you thought it would be, compare it to your low expectations.

104 Little Happy Moments In Life We All Need To Appreciate More

Sometimes it's really good to be wrong. If you're having a blast and are totally in the moment, for god's sake, ignore my ramblings and just be there.

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The researchers call this "absorption. When you're immersed in a game with friends, or a Netflix binge that is so engrossing the world stops, go full Buddhist and stay in the zone. Viewed from a Buddhist perspective, being in the moment does not involve judging what one is experiencing, but rather simply experiencing and being mindfully aware of what one is going through and feeling at the moment…. This purely behavioral response represents an outward physical manifestation of inner feelings in which one expresses an energetic response of exuberant joy, excitement, and enthusiasm by jumping up and down, dancing around, laughing out loud, or making verbal sounds of appreciation.

Such responses or their inhibition may be purely reflexive or automatic, or may be deliberate. Did you catch that last part?

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Or do you skip the quoted material? It can be deliberate.

REVEALED: The top 50 'sweetest moments' in life that make us happy

So even if you don't naturally act excited, doing it anyway can make you happier. Let those good feelings out.

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Hearing the story of how people met. Limited to annual plans! Climbing into a bed with fresh sheets and the aroma of bacon cooking also help to brighten our day. What magic words have you said that you need to say more often? So at that great dinner with friends or that perfect relaxing vacation, take a second to mentally snap a picture you'll remember.

Seeing friends for that last time before you leave town, watching your kid leave home for college… Yeah, your heart aches a little, but you also remember those times so fondly later. Reminding yourself that this good moment will end and that you need to enjoy it while it lasts — the research shows this actually makes you happier. They call it "temporal awareness.

These types of bittersweet experiences may well be especially conducive to savoring, as people naturally reflect on the positive experience that is about to end with a renewed sense of perspective and appreciation. And you don't have to wait around for these moments. Reminding yourself that good things only last so long and are worthy of savoring puts you in the right state of mind to appreciate the happy times when they do come along.

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Waking up with good hair. 2. Watching raindrops “race each other” down windows. 3. When things just somehow manage to work out. 4. If you've been following Positively Present for awhile, you might recall that, back at the beginning of , I decided to create a jar of happy things to fill in the.

So how do you tie in some more of the happiness research with no real effort? Just do something you've done before that just happens to be the most proven method for making you smile more often. Gratitude is the tactical nuke of happiness. Writing down three things you're grateful for before you go to bed is probably the most proven way to increase happiness and I've recommended it so much that if you read my stuff regularly you are either nodding or rolling your eyes right now.

So when you're in the midst of a happy moment just say, "I am so lucky to have this in my life. Okay, those nine things you do can really make the good times roll.

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Let's mix it up for number What should you not do? Thinking for just a second you can see how this is the opposite of many of the good nine. It's comparing, but not in a positive way. Happy family at a beach 81 5 2 months ago. Young caucasian girl taking selfie with deers at the zoo 29 0 2 months ago.

Happy family at a beach 16 0 2 months ago. Enjoy every moment 1, 89 3 months ago. Woman with her pet french bulldog 4 3 months ago.

Mother and daughter 2, 75 12 months ago. Enjoy rock village ha girl 1, 34 1 years ago. Black family having fun on the beach 1, 38 6 months ago. Happy mom and dad hold little daughter on their arms standing in the rays of evening sun 2, 42 7 months ago. Baby girl invitation for baby shower 1, 61 1 years ago. Happy woman with flowers stands on the evening field 15 1 years ago. Children sit side by side on a plaid 85 7 1 years ago. Laughing women using tablet together 1, 26 11 months ago. Family in the kitchen 1, 21 1 years ago. Business woman working 1, 44 11 months ago. Close-up of a woman eating salad in the kitchen 10 11 months ago.

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Happy African American business man dances while he listens to the music 5 7 months ago. Happy African American man looks lucky reading something in his smartphone 7 7 months ago.