Chosen Sons And Daughters of God

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For those God HAS chosen, a destiny has been designated, destiny being a predetermined course.

Chosen Sons and Daughters of God

Fate if you will. If you are a "Chosen Child of Destiny," it is inevitable that you are going to do what God wants you to do. There are those whom God has called to a work. Some answer the call, some don't. But you will find that if God has chosen you to do a work, you have no choice in the matter. If you have been chosen by God, there is something in you that knows you are one of His chosen sons or daughters of destiny. And, the thing that God has assigned your hand to do, you're going to do it, because it's in you to do it, before you ever get started.

You go to bed with it. You wake up with it. You fast with it. You pray with it. You find that what you read and study contains it. It pops up in your conversation. Even when you listen to the radio, the TV, the preacher seems to talk about it on the radio, because there's something in you that registers when that subject comes up. And no matter how you stray from it, and try to put other things before it, you'll find yourself coming right back to it like a magnet.

We've wasted so much time in the church trying to help people stay saved, live right, and love one another. God is tired of our stubbornness, and unwillingness to move. Hooked on self, materials, and position, we've come to a point where we refuse to move, refuse to get up, regardless of who we might be hindering or hurting.

It is exactly this kind of environment that molds and makes the chosen children of destiny. Those who've been in the background; those on the back pews; the unrecognized, the unnoticed: Now these " chosen ones," in the fullness of time, come out of obscurity, and into the limelight. Not by the choosing of man, but of God. And, no matter who has been in front, no matter who has been blocking you, no matter who has been overshadowing you, when it's your time, you're coming forth as sure as the world.

You're going to find that there are many different children of destiny.

Daughters, God Has Made You Sons | Desiring God

Some he, some she. Some white, some red, some old, some young, some Catholic, some Baptist, some fat But, they will have this in common: God can depend on them. They have been taken through the tortures of the damned. Ostrasized, criticized, tenderized, and set aside.

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God wants sons and daughters in His church. He is such a good Father. He wants the best for His children. He never intended for us to become His perfect. He never intended for us to become His perfect children alone. Chosen Sons and Daughters of God will lead you on a journey to walk with Jesus Christ.

God has suffered their hearts to be broken, to be hungry, to be lonely, disappointed, run over by their best friend, kicked by the enemy, to have those they've done the most for, lift up their heels against them, and they've suffered great embarrassment. All this to shape and make them US, so that we shall have sat where the people sat. We shall have been touched with the feelings of their infirmities. We are not talking about those who are rising and fallen in the church, doing what they want, sinning, and not caring, as long as they don't get caught.

Not the whoremongers and whore-hoppers.

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Not those just after the mighty dollar. Not the ego-trippers, and 4-day wonders. Not the big wigs, big wheels, and folk clamoring for office and position. This message is not for those God's chosen children of destiny are not concerned about those things.

Daughters, God Has Made You Sons

They have been saved from the clothes they wear. They're saved from the homes they live in, and the money in their pockets. It is not for us to look around and judge who is, or is not a chosen child of destiny. It's not always who you think it is. They could at this moment be sitting in a tavern, lying in a gutter. There is a special task that lies ahead. These are they who will not cry when the going get tough. He has toughened them. He has disciplined them. He has given them the will to do. He has given them the patience, tolerance, endurance, and determination and fortitude to be able to say yes to Him in thick and thin.

The things of this world do not excite them. Rather, they are excited over this one thing While you sleep, while you pray, while you fast, the devil plots your downfall. But as a chosen child of destiny, you don't have to worry, because He has promised "a thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand You will not lead the same ordinary life that others lead. Many of you will be called into a complete life of faith.

No social security, public welfare, compensation, disability, but just dependency on God for everything. And you're going to have to, whether you want to or not. Simply because you are a chosen child of destiny. God is going to bring about changes in your life. You can't make the changes, God will do it.

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Heretofore your values may have been misplaced. As you move further into the realm where God wants you, you'll find them changing. It won't be so important to have a new car every year. Big homes, and a full closet will not be important anymore. Instead, your values will enter into the spirituals, as your only value will be the will of God. You will find that the will God shall become the most important thing in your life. You may want to do something good, and right, but if it's not the will of God, you're going to leave that thing alone.

Some of you will find that your DIET will change. In retrospect, the likeness is evident throughout the Bible, coming into sharp focus in Jesus. The Bible story begins with the natural sons of Adam; continues with the chosen sons of Abraham; and concludes with the spiritual children of redemption. In a general sense, all created personal beings are children of God.

They are products of His workmanship, and bear His image. Angelic beings are depicted as children of God. However, Jesus compared the final state of man with angels. The debatable passage in Genesis 6: They bore in human form the image of God on one hand, and on the other hand were able to reproduce themselves.

Moreover, that there was sex attraction, resulting in marriage, whereby the chain of reproduction was established, was exciting enough to report in semi-mythological terms.

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In another ancient record, angelic beings are called children of God. Similar ideas are expressed in the Psalms: All people on earth are children of God by creation. Thus God endowed man with two qualities resembling His—to reproduce His likeness and to rule. Just as natural children resemble their parents, men and women resemble God, for He made them in His likeness. Like God, man is rational, emotional, volitional, and spiritual, endowed with freedom of choice. Like a lost child, man is restless for his heavenly Father.

Jesus was God in human form; therefore, man resembles God, his Father.

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Nebuchadnezzar identified the person in the fiery furnace with the three Hebrews as a supernatural being. Conversely then, man resembles God, his Maker and Father, in an amazing way. Likewise, every person on earth can validly claim that he is a child of God by virtue of creation.

People of every race, age, and sex are by nature children of God.

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You see, Jesus issued a universal invitation to salvation: The Family Virtues Guide: Baptism is a step of obedience and it is also a confirmation of a person's genuine faith. The main purpose of His coming was to seek and save the lost human race. Traveling Light Max Lucado.

Since man is a free moral agent, he may be an obedient child of God or a rebellious one Ezek In the days of Noah, disobedience was so prevalent that God punished man with the Flood cf.