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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Cassidy (Big Sky Dreams) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with Cassidy (Big Sky Dreams) book. Happy reading Cassidy (Big Sky Dreams) Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF Cassidy (Big Sky Dreams) at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF Cassidy (Big Sky Dreams) Pocket Guide. Add to Your books. No current Talk conversations about this book. Indiancreek Jan 8, The overall story of Cassidy was very romantic and contained some good action and suspense and I liked it. I love Lori Wick books, so I enjoyed this. You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. I love you both. Token Creek, Montana Territory June Cassidy Norton, the proprietress of Token Creek Apparel, adjusted the shoulder of the brightly patterned dress she'd been working on and then stepped back a little. References to this work on external resources.

Wikipedia in English None. Book 1 in the Big Sky Dreams series. Amazon Kindle 0 editions.

CD Audiobook 0 editions. Project Gutenberg 0 editions. But that would mean revealing the details of her life. Will Cassidy find the strength to take that risk? Lori Wick is a multifaceted author of Christian fiction. Lori and her husband, It's actually how I feel after reading one of Lori's books Five Star Book Reviews.

Lori Wick has done it again with a fantastic book which will have you entranced in the adventure and romance in Montana in Go bother someone else, why don't you? So there was that aspect of the plot. Then there was the romance. I'm not sure if there was a romance I cared about less. Through all that unnecessary dialogue, I couldn't tell if they were in love, or just friendly.

Chandler and Trace thought Cassidy might have had feelings for them Maybe that was the point. But that's not a good idea, because I don't see any romance development. Suddenly, they're smiling at each other like they've been doing it all along. It's a step above insta-love, but I wouldn't have known it existed, if I hadn't been told. But I was told. There's something I forgot in the writing paragraph--so much telling, barely any showing Setting: The setting practically wasn't there at all, save for the back of the book.

It had to tell me it was set in Montana, , because if not? I wouldn't have a clue. The town, scenery, etc. The characters' speech didn't have even a hint of western accent. As I said, there were a few times where they didn't quite speak style words And I don't think the characters' quite knew how to court style, either. Let's just talk and talk, but nothing really important regarding marriage. We just know that we need to get married, we don't need to clarify anything.

If I was anyone else, this would have been a DNF. I did want to know, though, if the ending would make some things more interesting.

Lori Wick Complete Big Sky Dreams Series Books 1-3 Sabrina Cassidy & Jessie

But that ever-important epilogue--we gotta have that. How could the story end if we didn't know that Cassidy is probably pregnant, because guess what? People had babies back then.

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Anyway, I was supposed to be wrapping up this review. I don't recommend this book to anyone. I'm not even sure if I want to read the other books in this series, even though my sister says the one book is better. It was just so dry Mar 23, Robin rated it liked it Shelves: I thoroughly enjoyed this book, even if there wasn't a lot of "action" in the beginning.

You learned a lot about the characters of the book during this time which has a lot to with the end of the plot. I am also used to Lori's writing style which made it a lot easier for me to read the book. There could have been more interaction between Cassidy and her brother though.

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I think this would have helped the view on her brother. We also didn't know much about Cassidy's childhood other than a few mino I thoroughly enjoyed this book, even if there wasn't a lot of "action" in the beginning. We also didn't know much about Cassidy's childhood other than a few minor details, I think a few more memories of her and her brother growing up would have helped class their relationship better.

Apr 26, Tamara Tilley rated it liked it Shelves: With her growing business, friends, and church family, she feels her life is full. Though she's had a difficult past, and few people know about her family, she feels richly blessed. But once in a while, it's nice to read a book that has a relaxed pace to it. Feb 05, Margaret Chind rated it liked it Recommends it for: The overall story of Cassidy was very romantic and contained some good action and suspense and I liked it.

I did not like it as much as some other Lori Wick books I have read however. There was an awkwardness in the writing that I did not understand, every so often it would say "that lady" instead of "she" and it always made me stop and pause losing where I was because it stood out so much. I do look forward to reading Sabrina soon. View all 5 comments. Mar 03, Jen rated it liked it. I enjoyed this easy, light read. It was a cute pioneer story taking place in the s.

It is by a Christian author, so be prepared for a lot of bible references and characters strongly influenced by their faith. It's always good to read a book you know will be clean, and even inspiring. This is book one in a series. Dec 25, Angie H rated it really liked it Shelves: Need to read the rest of the series now.

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Aug 21, Julie Graves rated it really liked it Shelves: I thought the romance in this one was a bit out of left field. I mean I liked Cassidy and Trace as a couple, but we had no warm up to their couple-ness. I guess it came upon the reader as it came upon Cassidy and Trace, by surprise! Otherwise I really liked this story and Cassidy was a sweet girl who had wonderful morals. Especially when it came to not gossiping about other people. The author does tend to preach in her books, but always short "sermons" that lead the characters to make better choices in their lives and point them towards a more perfect relationship with the Savior.

If you are looking for passionate kisses in this one don't count on it! Sweet pecks here and there and some longing looks, but that is as far as the physical goes.

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And just in case you are wondering, I love stories like this! Aug 05, Gayle Vegter rated it really liked it. I just read two books in this series and really enjoyed them. I like that they are stand alone books that have the same characters and each book reveals things about several, not just one, character. I don't know if it's my mood lately or what, but there's something very inspiring about how these folks interact on a personal level with each other. I don't think it's very typical, unfortunately, even among believers, but it's just very solid.

It's like everyone is very insightful and intentional. So it may not be the most realistic or dramatic, but it's just a neat thing to aspire too. None of the usual drama of this-character-just-needs-to-be-honest-with-their-friend that normally pervades fiction. People look to the Bible, the advice of their pastor and other good friends to solve interpersonal problems and work out their own issues.

Jun 15, Nathalie S rated it really liked it. It was refreshing to read a story about genuinely good people, seeking to do right and help others. Although I must admit to getting very frustrated with Cassidy when her nasty swindler of a brother rolls into town and she agonizes about whether to warn the sheriff and others! She worries about his soul but he's definitely shown his true colors, worsened by bringing his thug of body guard whom he just barely restrains from physically harming her.

Cassidy (Big Sky Dreams, Book 1)

I guess I have to remember the sto It was refreshing to read a story about genuinely good people, seeking to do right and help others. I guess I have to remember the story is set in the 's but still. It's great to want to turn the other cheek but you still have to be smart about it. Reader Jill Shellabarger does a great job fleshing out the characters. Aug 28, Anna rated it really liked it Shelves: I love Lori Wick's books.

You can always rely on her to come up with a clean and brilliantly Christ-centered romance. I was out on a trip with my family and our next stop was Montana.

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You can only imagine the excitement to read a book based on the exact location you were headed to. During the journey, we got to see all kinds of old trail kind of attractions.

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Which was ev I love Lori Wick's books. Which was even more awesome, because it allowed me to experience the story in depth everywhere I went! Dec 03, Shauna rated it liked it. Cassidy Norten has a sewing shop in Token Creek Montana.

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Montana Territory , United States. Feb 16, Rina rated it really liked it Shelves: But that would mean revealing the details of her life. Lori Wick is a multifaceted author of Christian fiction. Then there were the sermons and Bible studies Lists with This Book.

Here she is meeting the towns folk and trying to earn a living. A member of the church family, Cassidy meets Trace and his family and becomes good friends with Meg. Things seem to be going well until her brother shows up in town and tries to cause trouble. Aug 27, Barbi Phillips rated it liked it. It's an ok book. A lot of jumping around. One thing that is very annoying is the reference of "that lady" or "that man" instead of "her" or "him".

I've never had trouble getting into a Lori Wick story, until this one. Aug 26, Dee rated it really liked it. First book I've read in a long while that I wasn't forced to read due to being a school librarian and on a state reading committee. I just needed a break from teen angst. This was very refreshing. I listened to the audio version. It was well done. Mar 24, Josephine rated it it was amazing. A sweet feel good story. Sep 02, Mary rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed this book. Once again Lori Wick presents her readers with a book you just can't put down! Jun 03, Melissa rated it liked it.