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When he says "Black boys look blue under the moonlight," I took it as Juan's warning to not let your envoirnment define who you are. Chiron's internal struggle is choosing between being himself or fitting in and letting his surroundings define him. As we see him in Act 3, he is no longer the Chiron we knew from Acts 1 and 2 - his environment changed him. I think this is the most correct interpretation. The top comment argues that blue is the real color of black men, being the color they turn to when influenced by the moonlight, but when Juan first tells his story he then says no, his name is not blue, and at some point Little would have to stop letting other people decide who he was for himself.

This is a well-stated interpretation of my line of thinking. To further the idea of people shaped by environment, I would add the acts' names throughout: Yes, this is how I understood it as well. Juan is telling him a story about how a woman from his community tried to label him based on how she perceived him. In response, young Little asks, "So your name is Blue? It's one of those little lessons that can't really be understood without some life experience you probably have a few of these in your life as well. When Chiron, now Black, looks back at that moment with Juan and says to himself, "Oh, I understand what Juan was trying to tell me now" Someday Chiron had to decide for himself who he was going to be.

I'm just spit ballin here, but I took it be more of just the tonal foundation of the film. That quote sets the entire aesthetic of the movie. I think the reason the image is so powerful, is because it carries the feeling of the entire film.

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Retrieved April 2, Retrieved October 22, The next day at school, Chiron is still wearing the yellow shirt. A mutual friend in Miami passed along a copy of McCraney's play a few years ago, knowing Jenkins would be interested. Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online. This supports the Maven widget and search functionality. My friends and I thought maybe it meant people aren't that different, but that just seems shallow.

I'd imagine much inspiration was drawn from the image of young black youth draped in Moonlight, but I didn't take it to be direct symbolism or anything, it's abstract. It's a feeling that stays with you, and probably the same feeling that inspired Barry Jenkins to make the film. And it's a universal feeling, which I think is why everyone feels so much empathy and emotional connection to the movie, despite the fact that most of its audience couldn't be more different, demographically, from it's characters and story.

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It's the context around that quote that matters When Juan is telling Chiron that story, it was about how an old lady came up with his childhood nickname - but Juan wasn't going by that name anymore. As Juan says "At some point, you gotta decide for yourself who you're going to be.

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Can't let nobody make that decision for you. So when we see Chiron at the end of the film, laying with Kevin in the moonlight, it signals a moment of self-acceptance that defines the film's entire narrative arc. I haven't read the play, but what I got from the film was that the quote spoke on the struggles with expectations.

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Is call a boy a girl. And sure, it shows up in the black community in certain ways, it shows up in the Italian community in a certain way, it shows up across the board. And one of the things that's important about that is to not let people off the hook, 'cause see if you say, 'It's just something that happens in the black community,' then you go, 'Oh, those people.

Because here in that moment, a moment where we're like, 'Oh, the big, black, drug-dealer thug, what's he gonna do?


Those events of being taught how to ride a bike, and how to swim, and things that didn't even make it to the film, happened from this drug dealer, and that drug dealer recognized my difference, and so in that moment, in the community that we think of as having rampant homophobia, actually has compassion. On how Mahershala Ali's performance in the film reflects his own experience.

If you're a kid, and someone makes that great of an impact on you so early, and then they leave so early, you start to forget what they look like. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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It was the main quote of the movie because the final scene was Chiron as a child looking blue under the Moonlight. My friends and I thought. Moonlight is a American coming-of-age drama film written and directed by Barry Jenkins, based on Tarell Alvin McCraney's unpublished semi- autobiographical play In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue.

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